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The vision of the beech illustrates the mental like physical development of the personality and increasingly with it the general symbolism of the tree. The beech is according to the national faith that tree into which the flash does not hit. That is the fact that the beech shows a widespread protective symbol. The copper beech or copper beech refers by her colour to full vitality of the nature. In some areas of Europe it was usual to plant copper beeches at road crossroads by which this red-leafy beech kind also becomes the symbol of the decision. If several beeches appear all at once, means this need bitter for the dreaming and poverty. From the beech one says, it is a symbol for selfishness, narrow-mindedness, worry and even cruelty.


Beeches and all her subspecies are only for men who move in the field, and for carpenters of use. For one because weapons are made out of her wood. For the others because they earn with it her maintenance as carpenters. They mean to all other people poverty and bitter need because they yield no fruit. (See also tree)

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