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Association: - Spring, - divided resources. Question: - Which feelings is I to be divided ready?


A well symbolises the access to the most concealed feelings and sensations of the dreaming. At last only by this gate it is possible to him to find to the Ganzheitlichkeit. Well can stand for the accumulated experiences of life which rest partly in the depths of the unconscious. Then the symbol often asks to use this wisdom more and to strive for deeper self-knowledge to reach to the internal harmony. The picture of the well stands also for healing like for desirable fulfilment. While the dreaming with his intuitive, deliberate steps Even in connection, he discloses the way to healing and success. It is an archetypal symbol of the Verjüngung, the mental rebirth, the fizzy prototype of the living. He often seems in dreams of pregnant, however, circumscribes also sexual problems which stand in a queue for the solution. The accompanying circumstances in the dream admit, for example, also the following special interpretations:
  • Who scoops water from a well (life), would like to fall back on his forces still unaware to him and renew something in his life.
  • Scooping and one drinks from the well, this symbolises the respect with other people, - clear water points to the fact that one can trust this person, the murky warns about falseness and disappointments.
  • this can mean
  • Being the water fizzy and clearly, beside the strengthening of the mental strength also joy and cheerfulness in good society.
  • with water of full wells points to the fullness of the life possibilities which one should use, - however, maybe he also shows that one practises already successfully, and then is to be understood as an encouragement and confirmation.
  • the well runs over, points sometimes to feeling exuberance, however, can also show that one wastes himself by too many activities, - then one should learn to concentrate upon the essentials.
  • Who falls in a well, falls back in old bad habits and will hardly thereby make to itself friends.
  • Being something with the well in order, so that the dreaming is not able to reach, for example, the water, does not symbolise this the incapacity to come with the most valuable talents to connection.
  • of dried out wells warns about dangers which can arise from the fact that one does not use his experience or rejects parts of the depth personality, - also the feeling internal emptiness and isolation can express itself in it. A well without water also circumscribes the envy which could be brought to us in the awake life.
  • one fills up
  • the wells, one is afraid of possession-affecting motherliness and shows inhibitions compared with the female gender.
  • being own reflexion in the well to look warns about evil and death, one sees that of another person, one will soon deeply feel for him.


A well symbolises the access to the depths of the unconscious. Of the 'Brunnquell of the knowledge and the Schauens'.


Well and fountain of completely clear water promise to all without difference blessing, particularly sick people and impecunious, - one give them to healing, the other wealth, - then nothing promotes the health as well as the water. Dried out and without water they mean the opposite. Beneficially it is to be bathed in well by pure and clear water, but on no account to swim because latter each brings bad luck and is the symbol of danger and illness. The sight of a well brings luck in the house or on the field where before nobody existed, - he means acquisition of having and property, an unmarried and childless, however, woman and children, - then nymphs live in the well, and like the wife he donates to the house inhabitants the desired Wet. It is favorable also to look a well full up to the edge, only he may not overflow. Since flooding and from the well running off water says that the given luck goods, the woman and the children, are not preserved. The same applies if foreign people exhaust the well.



  • Dreaming one, he digs a well on his land and bumps into clear water, he will get a nice woman and testify with her beautiful and well formed children because the water is pure, but become also rich according to the fullness of the water.
  • see: somebody an open confession make,
  • with clear water see: good premeaning, you have good views, - luck by long time,
  • with dirty water: bad premeaning,
  • with murky water: bad views for the future,
  • very fluent: stormy experiences, - fire danger,
  • hineinfallen: Defamation, careless behaviour and a bad, murky future, - also: Expression of the concealed passions for which one should watch out,
  • hineinspringen: Despondence,
  • waters from it scoop: Prosperity, - abundance,
  • scoop from a very deep water: Symbol for the wishes which one does not admit to himself,
  • to somebody from a well give to drink: not every person it is a value that one gives him his trust,
  • drink from it: good shops,
  • dig somewhere: you find worthwhile work,
  • see overrunning: you will have loss,
  • without water: Worries, - you stand before a disaster, - bad premeaning for the development of personal matters,
  • see in a house: bad misfortune,
  • with nice decorations: you receive a present.

(European ones).:

  • is valid for soul pain, - drastic changes will occur, - a new period of life begins,
  • dried out, versiechter see: bad premeaning for all personal matters and their development,
  • see: an initial flirtation changes into a deep passion,
  • with clear water: good speculation, - good success, good vitality,
  • see overrunning the water: Loss,
  • freshly waters from it scoop: Fulfilment of the most confidential wishes, - connection to another person, - depending on whether the water clearly or cloudily, this person will be loyal or wrong,
  • to another person give to drink from it: a warning, because not every person is valuable enough to give him full trust,
  • hineinfallen: unexpected luck, - in one there rumble the concealed passions in which one could burn himself the fingers
  • artesian well: Their resources will get you access to knowledge and pleasure.


    however, nobody finds
  • Digging somebody on his land after water, he will deceive others, but get even in distress, - he bumps into richly water, he will find if it is the emperor the water vein comparably, a hoard of gold, also an heir will be born to him, - a my husband will live delightfully and in joys if the water is clear. If he has put on the well only for himself alone, he will be alone his beneficiary, - he also lets other scoop from it, he will also help of his clan.
  • Dreaming somebody, he scoops pure well water, he will get, if he himself has put on the well, from a tender virgin so much gold as he has scooped water, - however, it is dirty water, illness and evil of her threaten.
  • Giving he other from the well to drink, pure or dirty water, he will make with the help of the girl other richly or wretchedly.
  • drives away to a water about a management in his house and also makes a donation to others, he will become rich by an unexpected case of inheritance, and others become it by him. And this water brings even more luck than well water, - then it points to the life of the house inhabitants.
  • dries up the water or it dries up, one interprets it as their death.
(See also spring, fountain, water)

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