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Association: - male aspect, - comradeship. Question: - What admires or do I fear in myself?


Brother can express in the dream really the relation to own brother, - then the interpretation arises from the real living conditions. However, often the brother stands also for the other side of our personality (two souls in a breast) which accept one or decline, know, in any case, however, as good as possible and should investigate. In man's dreams often the second I which draws the attention to mental or personal unevennesses and inspires to reflect again on itself. Also in women's dreams hardly own brother, rather the next one, the person who turns to us like brothers us possibly helps to overcome heavy, - the brother is to be understood more than symbol of the brotherliness, however, theirs Itself stands also for the maskulinen being part. Moreover, are still valid the following meanings:
  • of old people brothers shows that one searches a frank counsellor or a good interpersonal respect with security and warmth.
  • younger brother can stand for the fact that one himself wants to give advice, help and protection, - however, partly he also points to immature parts of the personality.
  • resignation often take from the brother meant that one may hope in a matter for no help more different, but she must master on herself alone put.


It is favorable for the dreaming if he his brother, is older he or younger, uses, - he will surpass him and treat contemptuous. Further brothers mean the same like enemies in view of the dream exits, - then they are not from use, but, like the enemies, from damage because everybody that what he should own for himself alone, not only, but only a half or to the third with the brothers owns. Timokrates dreamt, one of his brothers has died, and buries him. Soon afterwards he experienced how one of his enemies died. However, the death of brothers means not only the setting of enemies, but also the acquittal of an expected fine. Thus the grammarian dreamt Diokles which feared, he will lose money because of an insulting statement, his brother has died. He got no fine. Somebody who had a brother on travelling who wrote to him over and over again he will come back in the native country, dreamt, his brother is, become blind, again there. Of course the dreaming died, - then his brother was not able to see him. It dreamt one, that he, done under the yoke, together with his longest late brother harnessed and from his mother who led the reins, how a draught animal is driven. Critically ill he came with his mother, died and was buried at the side of his brother, - and this was the carriage and pair which the mother had brought together with difficulty.



  • see: Unity in the family, - family luck,
  • say to him goodbye or lose him: sad chances, also loss by the death.


  • Dreaming a woman of her brother, so she may enjoy times of domestic peace.
  • Dreaming a man of his brother, so times of domestic strife are to be expected.
  • understanding two brothers in the dream to each other very well, so means the stability financial for the dreaming.
  • then
  • advisable two brothers in quarrel, should be the dreaming during the next days very carefully in his shops, but also in general with his words and actions.
  • anyway it is a matter
  • to think through the relations with the next surroundings and to maintain if necessary.

(European ones).:

  • meditation dream on itself,
  • or sister in the dream see: quick news,
  • dreams a woman of her brother: Signs of domestic luck,
  • a man dreams
  • of his brother: it expects to him quarrel,
  • part from them: Grief in the suit,
  • say to him goodbye: happy chances, - one depends in a matter completely on himself alone,
  • lose: you go towards to a stormy future,
  • see dying: Deterioration of the situation,
  • quarrel with him: you will have frustration,
  • brother or sister see dying: Death of a friend,
  • see big energy of your brothers: take pleasure about the own or the luck of your brothers,
  • poor, sadly, or around help imploring: soon to a deathbed are called, or you or your brothers suffer an awful loss.


  • searches good friends for you.
(See also brothers and sisters, sister, family)

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