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Association: - Connection, - overcoming problems. Question: - Which gap is I to be crossed ready?


Every dreamer may not turn away before his abyss. 'I had to descend under death efforts up to the reason.' To this dreamer is really imposed because to descend up to the reason of his need to find out her 'reason' to win ground in his need again. Just such dreams are to be called favorable, nevertheless, they aim at the connection with the most internal one, even if dark depth. Not everybody must descend there. About the abyss a footbridge leads, and about the stream whose other side we have to reach a bridge arches. No other symbol is so heartening and from so favorable premeaning for the coming life days, how just the bridge dream. One is released from the fear to have to wait endlessly, but also from the danger with the Hinüberschwimmen. How well, admittedly, if these courageous activities succeed! In the dream consideration the dreamer has to meditate on what is to be understood for him under this Jenseitigen so happily to be reached. If the sense of the other side has risen to him, he will carry the fact of this bridge as a strong element in his everyday life: 'Why are you so glad today?' 'I had tonight a miraculous bridge dream!' A bridge is a picture often seeming in dreams, and it refers almost always to the crossing of a life phase in the next. She calls the emotional connection between the dreaming and other people or too different areas of life and has the meaning of a union. She connects contrasts or bridges difficulties which can exist in own personality or comparatively with others. One is thereby asked to strive for more internal harmony and to reconcile conflicts by compromises. Also it plays a role as the dreaming feels at the sight of the bridge. Importantly for the interpretation it is whether the bridge is in the dream in a good, passable state or is also absent only under construction, her railing, she is rotten or ramshackle and, nevertheless, we have to go over. Thus the dreamer climbs, always in the fear, between beam and bearer hinabzufallen, anxiously about the bridge construction. The state is a tip to the stability of the sense of belonging which the dreaming has to the world and needs to carry out changes in his life. On the bridge one should not take long-term flat. One has to be grateful that a connecting originated in us in it, then to go on, however. The following accompanying circumstances in the dream can make easier the individual interpretation:
  • Religious educated children are escorted in nightmares by her guardian angel about saving bridges.
  • If we go about the bridge to the other shore, a new activity which will satisfy us or the beginning of heartening love expects us.
  • see A new bridge and/or about them go shows that one will find ways to overcome difficulties.
  • A very long bridge promises good progress for longer time.
  • though
  • An old bridge which looks rotten and unsafe points to difficulties, however, shows at the same time that, nevertheless, one will remove them.
  • A destroyed bridge often warns against tearing off not all bridges behind itself, but against keeping open a possibility for the retreat to itself in a matter still, - however, maybe she also points to the fact that one has thwarted a compromise by own guilt and must count now on conflicts.
  • The collapsed bridge says us that we fix something in our soul life that we must make detours luckily.
  • under a bridge go through admonished to lose his aims not out of sight and to follow up them.
  • Seeing one several bridges, points to forthcoming problems which are maybe connected with a decisive weakness.
  • The kind of the bridge construction betrays us whether obstacles are built up on our life: The missing railing or the still bridge located under construction indicate perilous places the dreamer.


At the spiritual level the river of the life is crossed by means of the bridge. She connects contrasts, in the feeling, thinking and also in the action!


Then that dream face cited by Phoibos also caused a lot of brainwork. It dreamt one, he has become a bridge. The person concerned became a ferryman, - then as such he fulfilled the same purpose like a bridge. Thus is the case, reported the Phoibos, - on the other hand, became a judge to whom it dreamt, he has become a bridge, has stepped from the large amount as it were with feet. Accepted, a woman or a pretty young man would see this dream face, both will make a mistake to the loose guild and many allow to go about themselves. And a going to court will trump his enemies and even the judge after this dream experience, - then a river resembles the judge because he to be guilty without account puts through his will, however, the bridge high floats above the river.



  • see: be sure before dangers, - luck in the business,
  • commit: you will change your position,
  • go about that: you believe on your security to be able to count, however, it is not the case, - give up your plan, - also: one may see on a favorable sign for his way,
  • reach the other shore: The new is reached and all difficulties are overcome,
  • on her stumble or fall: Obstacles in the business,
  • build: a quarrel comes to an end,
  • see collapsing: you have to suffer from infidelity, - you lose your home and your friends,
  • fall collapsing and with: an important plan will not run favourably, a lot of disagreeable can be avoided if one acts prudently,
  • of one fall: one gets in a run of bad luck in which one has partly with guilt,
  • go under it through: after various obstacles you will reach to the aim.


  • A stable bridge stands for adequate changes of the social position.
  • Being the bridge ramshackle or unpassable, so it requires during the next days of big care in all matters. The signal wants to the dreaming, however, also give to recognise that he has suppressed fears and edged out uncertainties which can still pose serious problems to him if he soon does not set about it to get rid of them.

(European ones).:

  • see intact: means that your enterprises will be successful, - a very good omen! Disputes in the marriage are soon finished by reconciliation, and then a time of the good agreement will follow. Among colleagues good climate rules after a time of the tensions again.
  • several see: Annoyance and frustration,
  • see before himself: one should watch out for deception and wrong admirers,
  • on one go: one must be on the alert,
  • on one fall down: Prevention in shops,
  • cross: a change of your relations,
  • probably expects you and a lot of work
  • cross: if the overcoming of difficulties forecasts, even if the means seem in addition dangerous, - every obstacle shows a disaster,
  • about a very long bridge go: if a lot of progress registers in the life,
  • long, ramshackle ones, which to itself awfully in the darkness hineinwindet: prophesies loss of your favourite possessions and sad events, - have young people in love this dream promises disappointment, because the beloved person does not promise to her ideal images,
  • about old, unsafe ones go: one will be able to make way to a danger still happily,
  • about very long go: big progress in the life,
  • one see collapsing or even with this fall: a certain plan will not run successfully, - a run of bad luck in which one is a little jointly guilty,
  • see breaking off: if illness orders fear, in this case one should undertake no changes and nothing stranger,
  • of one fall: Cerebral illnesses,
  • clear water: if prosperity,
  • promises
  • murky water: the advancement will tyre.


  • advantages by a connection with businessmen,
  • on her go: it is not everything in such a way as it seems to you. Care is offered,
  • on her fall down: your inhibitions do not further you,
  • break down: the loyalty does not live in every person,
  • under her hindurchgehen: do not lose your aim out of sight.
(See also abyss, construction, 'river', 'water', 'abyss')

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