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Association: - Food, - divided resources, - union. Question: - Which cooperation feeds me?


Bread stands as basic food for the material needs of the life, however, can embody also friendship, experience of life and wishes or appear as a religious symbol. Often it is to be understood as a tip to a favourable trend of the other life in material, social and spiritual-mental regard. The classical symbol is to be survived for food, strengthening, social security and the certainty. The essential food of the person is not a raw fruit, but under much human trouble from grain won and skilfully prepared bread. The bread is the general food and with it the most usual and at the same time a sanctified. The way from the wheat grain which is lowered in the dark field furrow from the softly ergrünenden field, from the golden surging ear sea about the work of the reaper, the thrasher (may still happen so a lot today with machine help), the process of the appearance, the Mahlens, the dough preparation, the passageway by the glow of the stove and then, finally, the common distribution at the family table - every station of the Werdens of this food is symbolic-laden and makes declaration, covered to the person, about becoming his being, above the way of the human culture. Therefore, there are no negative bread dreams. With the agriculture, the cultivation of the grain, the nomad's time came to an end cultural-historical, the person was held on in a certain Nährlandschaft. The possibility of cultural development generated these Seßhaftigkeit, an achievement of the bread. Dreams of sowing fields, from grain halls are seen because they testify a way of internal achievements always luck-bringing to which they, an affirmation of his internal fertility. We request for the divinity of the life as the most important food our everyday bread: all this what does us really need. With it bread stands for a lot, but it stands always for what is not really a need, luxury. Thus a woman receives a triply folded, nicely baked bread in the dream. It was obviously her small family which it found again after mental difficulties internally. All easy vital value which feed us can be placed in the dream as a bread in our hands. Who receives this bread, has received a positive value to waste is not permitted to him.
  • fresh bread in sufficient amounts stands for the wish for fulfilment of physical wishes.
  • Working bread in the dream strange on the dreaming or it badly tastes, then he is not sure maybe what he wants of the life. Possibly he has made wrong decisions.
  • The loaf of bread is also a symbol for cohumanity, friendship and parts.
  • The life food which strengthens soul and body equally. Who dreams of the bread whose life gets a sense because he grows together internally again with a community.
  • respect you on the size and form of your dream bread: From it you could find out whether you must bake 'small bread rolls' - or the pleasing opposite in the next time: Prosperity and success announce themselves in the form of big loafs of bread.
  • Sometimes requests the bread also to more modesty.
  • merely old, hard or schimmeliges bread announces predicaments of which one will find out only with big trouble again.
  • bread and bread body can also mean a beloved human body which one would like to own with pleasure completely for himself. One also probably has to observe which sexual forms have small breads.
  • Becoming in the dream bread with other people divided, then the ability of the dreaming is shown in this manner to transmit basic experiences.
  • Seeing one eat other bread and is hungry itself, one envies everybody his success or his social position.
  • Baking or one himself eats bread, one will be successful.


Bread is a symbol for the life in itself and can also show the need to share with other people. It is a symbol of our essential food in all cultures.


If one dreams of eating his usual bread, brings the blessing, - besides, is to a poor grey bread, a rich white bread adequate. The other way round one has not only not good, but even bad to gewärtigen, - then white bread indicates poor illness, grey bread the rich privations. Barley bread brings all luck, - then after the legend this was the first food which the gods have given to the people. Wheat and barleys flour call the same like the bread, only in lower measure. It dreamt somebody, he eats his own excrement with bread and, besides, felt a feeling of well-being. He reached in wrongful manner in the possession of an inheritance and was not prosecuted as a result of the felt feeling of well-being though judicially, however, because of the excrement he woke suspicion, - it was quite natural that the material profit introduced in him disgrace. It dreamt one, he eats bread in honey dipped. The man became engrossed in philosophical writings, adopted the life profundities contained in them and, besides, earned a lot of money, - the honey meant quite of course the persuasive power of the wisdom, the bread, however, the acquisition.



  • bake: you can explain your plan safely, it will succeed, - your work brings success and money,
  • see baking: if means good,
  • see the fresh: if luck and, besides, still pleasant guests forecasts,
  • see or eat: you can count on good friends,
  • have: Honour,
  • cut: Infidelity and betrayal of the subordinates,
  • carry: Damage,
  • eat, the white: Prosperity and satisfaction, - you will become rich,
  • eat, the black: Need and misery, - your finances become scarce,
  • the warm: Illness,
  • see eating other bread: you are envious of the success more different,
  • go bad: your luck sways,
  • the old goes mouldy: you have enemies, - you have not done the necessary and will thereby suffer damage,
  • get the spoilt: do not count on your luck, there is not long-lasting,
  • break: big blessing for you and yours,
  • Eating of a stove-warm bread, he will acquire a stately property, however, with need and torment because of the power, which comes from the fire, - however, he eats cold bread with butter, he will see wealth and happy times, measured in the amount which he consumed.
  • to the bread milk drink is even more favorable and more luck-promising, - then one rams milk, there is butter.


  • a positive omen: In the dream bread means to bake or to eats that one is on the right way.
  • of bright or fresh bread points to secure future, black or dry bread on the end of an informal problem. They do well to believe in the values of the life and to work on them. Also it would be urged not to forget the joy in the easy and natural and his value.

(European ones).:

  • depending on: Emergency dream, dream, sexual dream,
  • (@) see, see buy themselves or eating: brings loyal friends,
  • bake: Luck, - for the rest of the life a secure living, - one will be very successfully by own ability,
  • see fresh, mellow: Improvement of your material goods, - pleasant guests,
  • see much dirty bread: must count on need and poverty,
  • see the old, hard: Annoyance and family quarrel, - soon big difficulties have,
  • eat old or hard bread: must soon count on big difficulties and struggle through,
  • eat white bread: registers a rich success, a poor loss,
  • eat black bread: vice versa,
  • see eating somebody, while one himself is hungry: friends or female friends will succeed which one expected for himself, - be envious even,
  • loaf of bread: if frugality,
  • prophesies
  • loafs of bread from cake dough: Luck, - love and health,
  • slices of bread take a short-cut: one should not pinch to himself the 'butter from the bread' leave,
  • other rich one: one longs for harmonious friendship,
  • broken loafs of bread: points to disagreement between lovers,
  • quickly increasing loafs of bread: Luck on the whole line, above all for lovers,
  • If a young woman in the dream bread eats, she must soon fight with the recalcitrant children who demand her time, trouble and nerve.


  • does not complain, it goes for others more badly than you.
(See also baking,' baker ',' food')

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