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Association: - Vision, - setting, - religious position. Question: - Which correction must I carry out to see clearly?


The glasses in the dream show that the dreaming concentrates his attention more on this what happens outside to itself instead of turning the look inwards. Glasses can also stand for preconceived opinions and views which are attached by the dreaming also where they on no account fit. It is a symbol for the possibility to look a little more exactly, the wish for a new view and more view, the life, the other people and itself better to understand and to see through. Maybe the reminder also contains not to deal too much with itself because one 'forgets to live, otherwise, or to give up a too idealistic-naive life setting ('pink glasses').
  • glasses in the dream refers to the ability of the dreaming, to see and to understand properly.
  • The glasses indicates mistake points in ours I.
  • If another person in the dream unexpectedly glasses carries, then this either something deals with the lacking understanding of the dreaming or with the inability of the concerning person to arrange the dreaming.
  • One pays attention to the colour (see there) of the rack. Rose glasses can mean, for example that we would like to see everything too rosy and overlook, besides, of all negatives.
  • green glasses should make entitled hopes for success.
  • The badly seated eyeglasses betray, for example, that one comes along from some a skew picture.
  • one puts on
  • in the dream the glasses of another, one should count in the awake life more on his own strength instead of on delusive advice of the people.
  • by clear glasses tells to look that one will have the right view in the awake life.
  • Who looks by steaming up glasses, does not want to see that something so surely what would help to him.
  • broken glasses must not necessarily symbolise misfortune. Rather she means that one overcomes an obstacle or must accept a restriction to solve a problem.


At the spiritual level glasses send a reminder in the dream to consider another point of view. It stands for virtue and is a symbol of the moderation and balance.



  • see: you will be cheated by wrong friends,
  • shop: you find out a pleasant truth,
  • carry: take in eight that you do not come by yourself to damage, - by your attention you will be able to avoid some business loss, - also: you will reach an old age, - also: wear even bright glasses: Luck is given to one,
  • lose: one will soon come behind an intrigue,
  • get arranged which one does not own, otherwise: one falls under influence too easily under other people,
  • break: there come dark days with worries,
  • of others see carried: watch out for sharp and envious observers,
  • met one in the dream another person with dark glasses, one is deceived by a being close person in rather shameless manner - partly, however, also from own guilt.

(European ones).:

  • internal restlessness, employment of itself,
  • see: Cleverness, superiority,
  • shop: is careful,
  • touch down: warns us about swindlers,
  • get arranged: one is influenceable all too easily from other,
  • carry: you will reach an old age, - one tries to understand better his life,
  • carry a green one: good view in business or other matters,
  • lose: you must better pay attention to your property, - one will soon uncover an intrigue or lie in the closer surroundings,
  • break: you will suffer damage,
  • a dream shape wears dark glasses: a person in the immediate surroundings veils his true intentions, - here care is offered,
  • lenses: a short stage change, - you are on the care before the falseness a stranger.


  • does not pass your luck,
  • one wants to deceive you, is careful.
(See also eyes, blindness, colours, glass, lens, optician)

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