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Mailman is a symbol for parts of the personality in which one will win insight to form afterwards the life more positively. The person who gets in touch with us and brings us something for which we have waited maybe already most ardently. Where he appears, hope can come true in the good like in the bad sense. Old dream books see in him also a warning of gullibility or the sign for good health.



  • fulfilment of confidential wishes and hopes, - you get a nice present.

(European ones).:

  • see: concludes by a joy which soon approaches us, - good health, - by new examination will come true long-preserved hope,
  • meet: an unexpected cash remittance will soon arrive,
  • the post bringing: disagreeable and unwelcome news receives,
  • no post pass bringing and: Disappointments and sad events,
  • give him post: Jealousy or envy will do to you harm,
  • a conversation with Him: if the involvement forecasts in a scandal.


  • one should not believe everything what the people say.

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