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He is valid as a communication symbol par excellence. Letter can symbolise self-knowledge, examination and perception, - traditionally they are interpreted as unfavorable or disagreeable, only one funereal letter should stand for favorable news. Often occupies us something from which we expect more than, besides, comes out. It is in the dream a symbol for a message which is though already in the subconsciousness, but has not reached the consciousness yet. This symbolised news is free of value, she can be just positive or negative according to connection. However, it should be followed anyway. By a letter which the dreaming receives in his dream, a problem becomes maybe conscious by him which stands with the sender in connection. Possibly he has passed away, and there are still unsolved problems or unsettled situations which deal with this person. If the dreaming himself sends a letter, he is in the possession of information which could be important for the receiver. A letter in the dream whose contents to the dreaming remain concealed lets assume that information is kept from him. Now and then the letter points to the mental contact poverty of the dreamer. If one writes in the dream even a letter, a tip is to the fact that one would like to step with somebody in contact. In a dream also matters as one reacts to the post or a letter. One has maybe discovered the letter and either eases has drawn a deep breath, or, however, frustrated or taken up angry. How one opened the dream letter, the reaction already describes: Did it happen in a hurry or carefully, or did one put aside him first and did not want to open him for the time being at all? The dream has clearly made clear that there is something in the life what needs the attention. If one has put aside the letter, this is called that one feels not grown to his problem. Other symbols in this dream can contribute to a decision. It can be that one waits in the real life for the result of an exam or an application. If one receives in the dream the expected answer, there are two possible interpretations for it: The dream can be a pure desirable fulfilment or give to a confidence if one is convincing is to have given the best.


Concealed knowledge is lighter acceptable if an understanding process walks at the head.


If somebody looks a letter and that what in him written, the dream face to the contents will fulfil according to itself, - if not, he brings, nevertheless, in any case, luck, - every letter contains a 'Was greeted' and a 'Live probably'.



  • conceive: glad message, - somebody thinks of you from wide distance,
  • of the mailman agree: unexpected news get,
  • receive monetary letter: big monetary income,
  • write: unvorherbedachte incidents, - your friends wait for you, - also: one has the inclination to deal too much with himself,
  • read: one will bring to you big trust, - a nice surprise,
  • find: you marry an official, - one meets you in love,
  • lose: you will get bad news,
  • burn: you become careless,
  • vomit: take before thieves in eight,
  • tear: bad epilogue, - you have annoyance and become angry,
  • seal: Secrets may not be betrayed, - you have secrecy,
  • with black seal: saddening news, - a bereavement,
  • dispatch: you have entitled hopes.

(European ones).:

  • in general: if perform official duties almost always problems, - sign of something unexpected,
  • dispatch one itself: must count on unexpected difficulties which cause, however, no real loss,
  • agree: disagreeable news,
  • get personally handed: to the friends and the lovers is not generous enough towards and go forward by shops dishonestly,
  • one dreams
  • repeatedly of getting a letter of a friend, this will soon arrive or contact,
  • registered letter: old connections or relations will be destroyed because of differences in questions of money,
  • with a young woman a registered letter stands for an offer which is questionable, however, either juridically or morally. A registered letter can also indicate a meanness which you give a hard time.
  • for lovers promises the registered letter a foreboding of respect problems. The lover will place no more value of your presents.
  • receive an anonymous letter: from an unexpected direction are treated with hostility,
  • write an anonymous letter: be jealous of a rival whom one estimates more incredibly than itself,
  • get letter with bad news: Difficulties or illnesses,
  • letters with good news receive: be grateful for many things,
  • love letter: bad news,
  • affectionate letter on green or coloured paper: professional or private insults, - despondency will overcome you,
  • funereal letter or letter with black edge: stands for grief or death of a relative,
  • write a letter: bad future, - the hasty conviction which one will regret later, - also: one deals too much with himself,
  • with blue ink: if continuity, the affection embodies more different and luck,
  • red colour in a letter: forecast estrangement on account of a suspicion and jealousy, but you can avoid this by skilful operating against the other side,
  • with white ink on black paper: stands for grief and disappointment, - the intervention of friends will relieve pain something, - Going this letter of a husband to the other, both will separate in big quarrel. Lovers should take before quarrel and suicide threats in eight. Businessmen should watch out with envy.
  • Dreaming a young woman that she gets a letter of her darling and presses him to the heart will throw them an eye on another pretty man. Besides, honesty is punished with jealousy.
  • cannot read the letter: business losses suffer or get private problems,
  • if the letter by somebody is intercepted: Enemies work on slandering you,
  • a letter hide from the eyes of the lover or husband: deal with questionable things,
  • read: Trust of sides of the others,
  • seal: you will wish, - to hide secrets,
  • a torn letter: own call can be ruined because of coarse mistakes.
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