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Board stands often for the reorganisation of the life on a sure basis, in particular while nailing of boards on the ground. If one trims boards, points to a laborious work with low use. The more flatly and more level the board, the more unambiguously and more clearly is the situation about which it was in the dream. Now and again one also goes on boards or, e.g., with surfboard, water-ski on the water what points out to the fact that one makes headway in the life well and overcomes difficulties. The symbolism lies in the function of the board for which was it used?
  • a wooden board in the dream can indicate either that must be repaired a little bit, or that the dreaming feels maybe sure if he himself provides for his living.
  • If the board is used to build something, it refers to the fact that the dreaming owns enough material for a planned plan.
  • If the board is used to build a box, the dreaming should pay attention that he does not get in a trap.
  • Who builds his hut with boards, would like to come with itself to the pure one and be more than seem.
  • something would like to change
  • Who it in the dream zurechtsägt, in his life.
  • The species of wood possibly matters or is able to remind the dreaming of something from his past.
  • this expels
  • balanced the dreaming in his dream on a board, to the fact that he takes an emotional risk.
  • as a component of a floor symbolises a board security, as a component of a door it stands for defence.
  • processing
  • to a decorative wall surface, it shows jewellery for the internal space of the dreaming.


The dreaming owns the necessary raw material to experience his life processes more deliberately. Maybe the dreaming must think about what is the purpose of his existence.



  • see: new and glad family events,
  • on the wall: you have forgotten something important,
  • on the ground: One gives you a possibility to improve you,
  • saw: Death,
  • cut: Wedding or child baptism.

(European ones).:

    a change or a move indicate
  • by a worried state of mind,
  • shop: if brings the union with another person,
  • cut: if brings a plague,
  • boards engulf: Enlargement of the business or the domestic prosperity,
  • on them about a water go: one will come out of a menacing danger certainly and without damage,
  • she loads
  • Running a young woman on a rotten board about murky water, the indifference of a beloved person. Other problems can appear, or she must defend her honour.
(See also Nail, wood, 'hut', 'saw')

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