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medicine wheel:

Key words: Burning, - curative, - charmingly, - nutritious, - compensatory, - attention, - differentiation, - strength, - western soul path. Description: The nettle is associated in the medicine wheel with the internal position of the western soul path and with strength. Their name stinging nettle already says us an amount about the plant. She grows at many different places, and mostly it becomes apparent unpleasantly when one is inattentive. If you have made acquaintance already once in this manner of nettles, you will remember absolutely the burning on the skin. Though nettles can irritate the skin, but they have as a tea also a powerful remedial effect. They are very rich in vitamins and minerals and taste as vegetables or salad excellently. One has used them by skin disturbances as well as by blood disturbances. Nettles are a frequent component of hair-care products and skin care products. General meaning: Areas in your life to which you do not dedicate enough attention, - need of the ground. Association: Burnings, fires. Transcendent meaning: A guard's plant which can help you to avoid the ways which are not conducive to your spiritual growth. Dedicate to nettles in your dreams always special attention.


Nettles are wild plants which can cause skin irritations. This can symbolise in the dream that the dreaming has been overstrained by 'wild' behaviour sexually or in other manner and has lost the control of himself. In the dream the nettle refers to a difficult situation which must be avoided. Nuisances are possibly given which are not aware to the dreaming because he does not stand in the exchange with other people or his environment yet. Communication difficulties are indicated if the dreaming is in the middle of a nettle field. In addition, nettles can be for the wish of other people to injure the dreaming, or, however, this has burnt itself on a private or professional plan 'the fingers'. Nettles can refer on account of her use in the folk medicine also to healing.


At the spiritual level nettles are valid as means against danger. They also find use in cleansing rituals. Fresh nettles are good means to the convalescence support.

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