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Brown bear

medicine wheel:

Key words: Communicatively, - everything eating, - curiously, - carefully, - pliable, - smartly, - strongly, - defending, - keenly, - moon of the harvest. Description: The brown bear, in the medicine wheel the animal totem in the moon of the harvest (from the 23rd of August to the 22nd of September) to Born, is synonymous with the black bear. Both are careful, quiet creatures, provide with healthy appetite and big curiosity. Their only enemies are the person and forest fires. They look slow, awkward, good-natured and careful. If it gets cold, they proceed in a so-called winter rest. By the end of this rest period the she-bears give birth to her boys and satisfy them in her retreat cave. To many things of what the person is capable bears are also able, - they can stand straight, climb trees, honey harvest and catch fish. The bear was for the Indians always quite a special animal. In many legends about the animal world the bear was the chairperson of the advice meeting because of his justice sense, his strength and his courage. Remedial ability, leadership qualities and the will were awarded him in the defence. General meaning: Executive and remedial ability, - strength in the defence, - protective strength, - circumspection, - balance. Association: The colours Brown and Black were often associated with right-wing radicalism and racism, - in the nude or cash all clothes, - arrogant or seeing coming. Transcendent meaning: A time of the strength, - a revelation of your true efficiency. Wolf clan apprenticeship: Learning, clan animal of the Januar. (See also 'bear', 'grizzly bear', 'black bear')

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