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The roast is the symbol for Sunday and especially for the lunch on Sunday in the circle of the family. If the roast is rejected in the dream, the refusal of these middle-class family rituals stands behind it often, and one should think about his emancipation in and the reconciliation with the family. If one is glad in the dream about the roast, among the rest, one can suppose behind it a longing for the (ostensible) healthy world of the family. The roasted stands also for the culture, because it is a contrast to the raw. It symbolises that something cook can (mature) and for a favorable end comes. Maybe the symbol points in terms of the 'roasts smell' also on a favorable opportunity or a risk. Who roasts something, would like to contribute to the good success of a thing, sit down maybe also with his guests, the people, in a good light. If the roast burns, we have maybe gambled away all loan. Some dreaming associate roast a good food to the dream symbol and that one should look more after his food. More care is announced with the preparation of the dishes.



  • see: good views,
  • in the pipe: then, however, short waiting period, comes the luck to you,
  • at the table: is clever, now it is to be undertaken time something,
  • eat: advantageous shops, - it can happen nothing more to you, your luck is sure to you,
  • burnt and more stinking: bad chances.

(European ones).:

  • invitation for the party or high visit,
  • see or prepare: one will receive an invitation, - good omen,
  • see eating the family one: Prosperity and nice future, - favorable shops or other profits,
  • eat one: informal misfortune, - betrayal, - menacing poverty,
  • smell: you make many ways without success.


  • still few days and you will be able to speak of the success.
(See also food)

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