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Association: - Boxing: Strength, - strength, - staying power. - Boxer: Work on the strength or confrontation. Question: - Boxing: Where in my life I would like to be strong and assert myself? . Boxer: To which rules must I keep to be able to express my strength appropriately?


Boxing belongs to one of the aggressive sports. Who dreams of this symbol which should become penetration-stronger either more aggressively in terms of, or he is too aggressive. One has the dream of the aggressive ability of getting through often in respect crises - or in a much too exciting phase of the professional showdowns and struggles for power. What one admits to himself in the awake state not (completely), it is dreamt to an end: One would like to see the opponent with pleasure defenceless, 'finish' him and 'look down at him'. If one wins, besides, one will master the difficulties after considerable strains, nevertheless, the defeat (maybe k.o.) can point to the failure. If one watches a boxing match, a quarrel stands maybe soon in the house.



  • meet one: one should be careful in his shops,
  • box: an adventurous experience approaches, - besides, one is very careful, one has good chances to avoid disappointments,
  • observe passively one: on disappointments must make themselves calm which cannot be avoided.

(European ones).:

  • see themselves: heavy fight for a plan,
  • , besides, are defeated: Failure of hope,
  • besides,
  • win: a plan will come after big difficulties, nevertheless, still for the realisation,
  • others see: one will get with other people in quarrel, - one is reserved with accusations and proves sense of tact, then the peace can be preserved,
  • see: To keep difficulties the control of own matters, - An astonishing communication which leads to important events will be made to you. Do not repeat the whole and also do not write.
  • Seeing a young woman a professional boxer, she will like in fast-moving society have. Their friends will worry about her call.
(See also boxing match)

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