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medicine wheel:

Key words: Colorfully, - thirst-satisfying, - protecting. Description: Agate, a widespread chalcedony or quartz, is touched either tape-like, or is provided with irregular colour surfaces. In the antiquity one thought that the agate satisfies the thirst, and, hence, it was carried along by many travellers. In addition, the magic powers should be inherent in him which were able to hold storms, flashes and toxic spiders. General meaning: A colorful aspect of itself which protects you emotionally and is nourishing. Association: - Transcendent meaning: The picture which one sees in the dream in an agate is the key to this dream.



  • jewellery from it: Stupidities of every kind experience or commit.

(European ones).:

  • in general: one inclines to the vanity,
  • ring or smaller black stone: Miss's brightness is to be expected, - grief,
  • bigger polished stone with typical eye: material luck,
  • of veins passed through: Luck in the love,
  • see agate jewellery: you incline to the obsession with dressing-up,
  • carry: one mocks you.
(See also precious stones, quartz)

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