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Association: - Journey over the depths of the feelings. Question: - In which emotional depths can I certainly navigate?


Dreams of boats are often described as life-affirming. Many interpreters of dreams see the boat for optimism and as a token for promising developments. Like other means of transportation boats should sometimes also show phases of the crossing or the change. Boat brings in general to the prelight as one steers the 'life ship' on account of the personality structure, the course holds, shallows and storms masters. By the boat or ship we move on the water which symbolises our feeling. With whom one is together on the boat, with that one has a narrow relation or with him one particularly hangs together ('We sit everybody in a boat'). The individual meaning arises above all from that what one experiences by the boat in the dream. The state of the dream boat can show the state of the emotional life of the dreaming - the respect with the family or present dear interests can be reflected. The following accompanying circumstances can often help in the exact interpretation:
  • a boat see points to forthcoming change in the life whose exit seems a little bit unsafe.
  • It should bring us certainly to the shore where a new life laughs - to us really or emotionally. In general they indicate a lighthearted development and the realisation of the personal aims.
  • The security of a ship which carries passengers through the stormy sea can symbolise the family life or the present emotional well-being.
  • crossing of a stream in the boat registers that one starts to other shores, the consciousness extends, penetrates into new spiritual regions.
  • The dream of a boat on a river, lake or clean pond can mean luck and success. To run off in a boat on - and, harmony and satisfaction can predict.
  • boat go in the clear, quiet water promises a straight, successful life, - one goes in murky, worried water, stands for rather unfavorable future prospects.
  • passes away it in quiet water, means in the awake life a quiet journey of our Lebensschiffleins translates.
  • A rough boat trip can mean that one lives through phase of emotional turmoil. If the water calmed down later
  • Who steers it on moved water himself, can count on hectic rush and imbalance in the deliberate life.
  • a boat, the apparently danger runs to tip over, the feeling of a menace can register and the need, an evasive action to carry out.
  • Who drives it in the darkness, that does not know at the moment where the things run.
  • a driverless floating boat shows the possibility of deep-rooted fear to let 'do in the personal life. It can also emphasise the worry that one works in business things without system.
  • points out Now and then a boat as a sexual symbol also to the wish for a sexual adventure which often exists only unconsciously.
  • motorboat: With it one tries to make headway fast, trusts, besides, nevertheless, less his own strength.
  • pedal boat: With the pedal boat one trusts his own strength and moves with her by his feeling. Moreover, the pedal boat refers in vacation, relaxation and spare time.
  • oar or paddle boat: As with the pedal boat one also makes headway with the oar and paddle boat by own strength and also here it is expelled to the spare time. Kayak, canoe among other things: Independent contact and own way, the deliberate contact with feelings and mental requirements.
  • sail boat: With the sail boat it is the wind which promotes one. With the wind the strength of the intellect and the mind is symbolised which drives the dreamer and furthers.


A boat symbolises our personality with which we move on the 'sea of the life'!



  • see: if a quick trip registers,
  • on country: you are on the wrong place, it does not go well,
  • on water: your enterprise brings to you luck and blessing,
  • leaves: your secret longing comes true,
  • comes: good news of dear friends,
  • are surprised by the storm: one should shift a planned trip rather,
  • from a boat fall in the water: Distress and danger.


  • The boat stands for the life of the dreaming. It is a matter of paying attention to the state of the boat, on his driving ability and weathering. Also the remaining symbols seeming in the same dream, above all the water, are very important. For an interpretation the role which plays the boat in the whole connection of the dream is substantially. The sign wants to say the concerning person that she handles sometimes too inattentively with herself and her life.

(European ones).:

  • see: if a quick trip registers, - a change in him tells current life situation in,
  • (see) in the clear water: now everything takes a happy course,
  • (see) in the murky water: misfortune approaches or breakdowns in the travel course or life course,
  • see sinking: Disappointment experience,
  • go in it: Visit,
  • sail in a boat on smooth water: Luck and success,
  • with amusing society and without a single accident sail: A lot of favour is given you,
  • are surprised by the storm: one should shift a planned trip or matter rather,
  • from a boat fall in the water: Distress and danger, - bad luck.
(See also vehicles, trip, ship, water)

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