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Association: - explosive energy. Question: - What stands shortly before the explosion?


Bombs or similar floors are in the dream always danger symbols. It can concern, on this occasion, personal war experiences or shock experiences, however, at the same time the bomb symbolises also own incapacity to change something in existing, not especially favorable relations. Then in this respect she points to a general fear of life and existential fear, - it is a time to calm the nerves and to move his present conduct. In general the bomb wants to point in the dream, however, rather to a certain neurotic complex, that is on a clenched psychic energy of own fears and devastating feelings which are hidden in the subconsciousness and one cannot control any more. Other interpretations arise from the following accompanying circumstances in the dream:
  • A single bomb which we see in the dream could be absolutely also news which hits like a bomb and/or announced unexpected problems and dangers.
  • bombs in the dream point as a rule to an explosive situation which the dreaming must finish.
  • A bomb throw shows that one must count probably on the hostility more different.
  • a bomb attempt on another person which one sees promises to the observer that he himself will happily escape a danger.
  • An exploding bomb points to the need to act effectively, - while defusing a bomb warns the dreaming against taking before it in eight, against aggravating an already difficult situation still.


An exploding bomb is ordinarily an unexpected event. If one dreams of it, this can indicate the fear to die suddenly.



  • indicates at suddenly breaking misfortune,
  • see exploding: an unexpected event.

(European ones).:

  • dangers, destruction dream, - prophesies fury and quarrel which will end in court,
  • see: unexpected and unfavorable event,
  • throw even on somebody: Hostility by others,
  • see explode and arranging destruction: Warning before an accident,
  • see bomb attempt on person of high standing: one will happily escape from a maybe not at all noted danger or has already escaped from her.
(See also atom bomb, explosion, war, weapons)

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