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medicine wheel:

Key words: Nourishing (physically and spiritually), - food, - seed, - mother earth. Description: Beans, the seeds of a whole series of plants, are already since long time an important component of the food of animal and person. General meaning: That what you eat, - that what eats up you internally, - food (physically and spiritually), - nourishing, - seed, - new beginning. Association: "Beanpole" as a description for a long, thin person, - "bullets". Transcendent meaning: The gift of a sowing, a new idea to be nourishing a new manner, to itself physically and spiritually.


In this connection the bean symbolises potential. The dreaming owns a well full energetic pantry on which he has access any time and for any plans. Camps down of the dreaming bean stocks, his possibly available fear shows to fail in it or his lacking trust in his perseverance. The plants of beans are a tip to his trust in the future and at the wish to create something useful. Beans are also a warning before much too materialist thinking (they cause the full belly which swells outwardly). Like all germinating also as a symbol for the female gender organ interpreted or they can stand for sexual needs (testicle symbol). Traditionally the bean is valid as nourishing and dressing as well as as an object suitable for the barter.


A bean can stand for immortality and magic strength.


Beans are heralds of tiff and quarrel because they cause indecent hoist, - not only, but because they are exiled by every ritual celebration and every holy site.



  • sow: Luck in the business,
  • blossoming ones: conclude by a modest luck that is to be expected in the next time,
  • cut: Worry for the future,
  • see grow and blossoming: your wish is fulfilled,
  • cook: Deterioration of the economic relations,
  • see or eat: announced quarrel and quarrel, - nuisances in occupation and house or with economic deterioration is to be calculated,
  • break: heavy obstacles are and are overcome.


  • you is a symbol with two meaning levels: On the one hand she points to the coming problems - the dreaming must count on a row of difficulties which are due everybody to his carelessness and inattentiveness. Beans which become prepared in the dream cooked (or in other kind than food) promise a considerable and unexpected financial improvement. On the other hand, the sign speaks for the fact that the dreaming - carries many dissatisfied sexual desirable images with himself by the life regardless of a topical connection-.

(European ones).:

  • Who plants beans, to that there germinates profit.
  • Who sees germinating beans in the dream, laughs to that the luck.
  • see blossoming: modest living,
  • see growing: Worries and illness of her children,
  • see in the bush: one has plans which cannot be realised, - difficulties in the professional life to one for long time brainwork will prepare,
  • pick: can count probably soon on success,
  • harvest: only low salaries have,
  • Who prepares them, that destroys the germ effect, cannot enjoy instantaneous luck on a continuing basis.
  • cook: should show that one will have though problems and must give up something, will derive, in the end, however, benefits from it.
  • greens: meant quarrel and evil,
  • white ones: Defamation and perhaps term of abuse, in particular with neighbours,
  • dry ones: you mind big disappointment in worldly things, - that no contagious illnesses are spread by you,
  • eat: Illness, - domestic quarrel and quarrel, - annoyance in the occupation or economic deterioration,
  • children with it see playing: expensive times.


  • your inhibitions must give way from you,
  • eat: strive to receive the peace of your home,
  • cook: you will suffer a damage, but thereby advantages gain,
  • sow: the life can well develop if both parts hold together,
  • see growing: you can reach what you want.
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