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Curves / triumphal curve


The curve in the dream is possibly a wordplay and really refers on bend, bend, bow. This concludes by an inferiority feeling. Although the dreaming maybe has no reason to feel inferior, he possibly feels at an unaware level the need of another person to feel considering, and concedes to him in the dream state. If the dreaming sees a curve with a coloured tape instead of with a tendon in his dream, this one connection with the female principle and with the female beauty produces. A curve, like that of Cupid, can point on the one hand to the wish to be loved, or symbolise, however, the union of male and female. Curve (for shooting) is interpreted in old dream books as a favorable sign, then one should be able to feel sure. If one himself shoots with it, one will soon probably experience a thrilling adventure.


At the spiritual level the curve can stand for superiority, union of the male and the female or for the ritual celebration.


(European ones).:

  • triumphal curve promises to you rise to high dignity and wealth by steady efforts,
  • go by one: now many which ignored before your position you will ask around advice,
  • Seeing a young woman a collapsed curve, she will be unhappy in your new situation,
  • and arrow: indicate a lot of restlessness in the life,
  • with one shoot: meant an adventure,
  • children with it see playing: Pleasure experiences,
  • a curve paper: any news.


  • you stands under good protection.

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