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Ground symbolises the bases of the existence, can stand for security and reality sense.
  • Sitting or one lies on the ground, one soon becomes ill maybe, comes a cropper with a plan or is fetched back rudely on the ground of the reality.
  • also excessive respect up to the humility Sometimes appears in it for other people.
  • Becoming one to ground low-spiritedly or stretched, is to be feared that one is overpowered by duties and worries.



  • green or bemoost: Money, rich marriage,
  • gedielt: you will find good society,
  • lie on it, sit or kneel: one has to count on disagreeable events,
  • look a little bit on it: one should not ignore something in his surroundings what from are of use could be.

(European ones).:

  • a nicely laid out floor: warns about danger,
  • a dirty floor: points to annoyance, worries and annoyance,
  • see or on it run: Joy and grief,
  • on one lie: To respect reminder, to his health,
  • lie outstretched on one: modest relations for some time,
  • on one sit: increasing insecurity of the relations.


  • you will soon start a small trip and think back after still long to them.

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