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Goat (billy goat)


The animal who wants to take somebody on the horns signals mental damage which originates from own culpable behaviour. In sexual dreams the male old strength which wants to have her victim. However, he can also request to more courage and cleverness, so that one achieves good success. Whether he can announce really also an inheritance as old dream books state, is doubtful, pure wishful thinking may often stand behind this interpretation.


The goat is an embodiment of the male genital forces.



  • see: from good premeaning, - profit, under circumstances also means inheritance, - a successful business,
  • see jumping: A wedding will come,
  • see grazing: you will find an opponent,
  • with the horns threateningly: Enemies try to intimidate you,
  • defend themselves against an attacking one: one should appear as more vigorous towards his enemies,
  • ride on it: you will make yourself ridiculous,
  • slaughter: do not deal with things which concern you nothing.

(European ones).:

  • see: if an inheritance registers, - profit,
  • with horns see: one should not be intimidated, but put through himself energetically in a certain matter,
  • are threatened by one: one should not be intimidated,
  • kill one: one will suffer by a clumsiness a material loss,
  • see themselves as a goat with horns: this signals too much stubbornness.


  • shows that you dispose of cleverness, and one will respect you.

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