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Association: - Beauty, - sexuality, - Blossom. Question: - What does my beauty and sexuality bring for blossoming?

In general:

Dreams of flowers can look reassuring. In the awake life there are hardly the people who do not associate flowers with joy and relaxation. We take pleasure not only in flowers, we use them also as a token of the love, recognition, sympathy and the consolation. In one of these connections flowers of all kind often seem in our dreams. The appearance of the flowers in the dream could be significant: If they were put carefully (maybe even from), points maybe to the fact that the society life is planned much too carefully - or would have to be fixed. In a garden multi-coloredly messy-growing - or around the house scattered - flowers would point to the fact that the life of full joy is. But what happened in the dream else? Did one turn the flowers away, or did one scatter even more? A dream in which the flowers predominate in a garden could refer (If one is not an eager flower-grower) on the fact that the life needs more colour and which one should make to himself to less worries about the bare living. A dream of wilted flowers is often discouraging and states something about grief or danger. The destruction of flowers (maybe by worms or cockchafer grubs) has similarly ominous meaning. If one was occupied in the dream with Giessen or fertilising, this is called maybe that one should work on a respect. Flowers with buds or in full blossom could symbolise the forming of an idea or a new respect - or that one enters into a new life phase. Freud saw a female symbol in the flowers because her blossoms are bowl-shaped and the bee in them hineinkriecht to fertilise them. With a man a flower in the dream can show women or a certain woman. The flower could also stand for an idea which one to carry has brought. Wild-growing flowers stress naturalness, simple beauty and disdain for artificially invested flowerbeds. Cut flowers one displays instead of letting please from them in her natural location, hence, they can be symbols for Künstlichkeit. If one gives somebody which one cannot identify to flowers or from him in the dream which agree, this is called probably that one must help his self-confidence on the legs. A garland from flowers is a more similar, but more formal symbol. Flowers in the dream also put a connection here to feelings of the joy and beauty. By them the dreaming realises that something new arises and that he will do everything with a new freshness. Flower can stand for sexual needs which are maybe ignored. Moreover, she often deals something with love and other feelings or the development of qualities. Under the numerous possible interpretations above all the following are informative:
  • freshness, nice flowers see announced health and success, above all in a feeling respect.
  • flowers, above all blossoming, are to be evaluated as an expression of nice thoughts and feelings positively and it also depends on the colour (see there).
  • one tears off
  • flowers and throws away them, one probably gambles away his luck by own guilt.
  • flowers can also pick luck and success promise, sometimes warn, however, also about risks which stand in the way or points to a sexual desirable fulfilment.
  • a bunch of fresh flowers indicates at a love affair which makes us happy.
  • If they wilt, something also wilts in the life of the dreamer.
  • failures and disappointments announce
  • wilted flowers.
  • Crushing one, however, flowers, so one possibly tramples around on the nicest feelings of the partner whom one pretends to love. The Indian dream writing 'Jagadeva' ascribes the highest luck promise to a flower dream.
  • Receiving the dreaming a bouquet, so this means that he is recompensed for something.
  • If one has looked in the dream after flowers, this can indicate the need to develop relations. If one has them überwässert, this can mean that one must work hard to let 'blossom again a failing respect.
  • the flowers which are arranged in a wreath are often associated with guilt or hostile feelings. If one received the wreath, you should revalue a respect with somebody with whom they had just quarrel.
  • The colour of the flowers can be important (see 'colors').

Every single flower in the dream has own meaning:

  • anemone: The momentary partner of the dreaming is not trustworthy.
  • buttercup: The business conditions will improve.
  • forsythia: The dreaming takes pleasure in the life.
  • honeysuckle: Domestic strife will unbalance the dreaming.
  • geranium: A quarrel which the dreaming recently had is not so serious as is accepted.
  • bellflower: The partner of the dreaming will develop quarrel addiction.
  • The camellia is tied together with sensitiveness.
  • clover: Somebody who is in financial difficulties will get in touch with the dreaming.
  • crocus: The dreaming should not trust to a 'dark' man in her nearness.
  • lily: She stands for an unhappy marriage or for the death of a respect. It is tied together with elegance, coolness and reserve. They are mostly impressive as lovely.
  • mistletoe: The dreaming should continue in the respect with the instantaneous partner.
  • poppy: News will bring big disappointment.
  • myrtle: She symbolises joy, peace, rest, luck and permanence.
  • narcissus: The dreaming should pay attention to the fact that he does not mistake the shade for the reality.
  • carnation: A passionate dear affair stands in a queue.
  • narcissus: The dreaming has behaved towards a friend unfair and should take care of reconciliation.
  • The orchid is tied together with beauty, admiration and wealth.
  • peony: Too strong selfrestriction can prepare for the dreaming grief.
  • primrose: The dreaming will find luck in a new friendship.
  • rose: Love and maybe a wedding within one year announce themselves.
  • snowy little bell: The dreaming must learn, to trust and not to hide his problems.
  • iris: She stands for hope and good news.
  • violet: The dreaming will bind himself to a person who is younger than he himself.
  • forget-me-not: The elective partner of the dreaming cannot give to him this what he longs for.


Flowers are a symbol for the female principle and for the childhood. The bud refers to the potential, an opening blossom is a tip to a forthcoming development. If a flower dream is released by a charm of perfume, it is an easy irritant dream. Otherwise a flower dream is mostly dreamt of young girls or women with jungmädchenhafter imagination. The dreamer is of full expectation and hopes about dear things. These symbols stand in the dream for the feeling area, they have almost always a positive meaning. Indeed, the personal setting of the dreaming to the respective flower may not be disregarded, also the colour can play a role. The comparison between the wax and wilting the flower and the life of the person is obvious and is transferable from the dream often on the life of the dreaming.
  • The buttercup is tied together with childhood.
  • crocus: The crocus spread from East outgoing all over Europe. The saffron yellow-blossoming in autumn became in the antiquity of the rose like highly respected. Saffron was valid as a symbol of the light when he still appears in today's dreams. Absolutely also resonates with the dream symbol of the crocus that he belongs with the snowy little bells together to the first flowers of the year. He registers that the cold time of the winter is over.
  • lily: The lily with her white calyxes symbolises the cleanness. From Persien outgoing the symbol of the lily spread out as a symbol of the light birth in whole Europe and became a popular heraldic sign. One speaks of the 'royal lily'. As a dream symbol she appears mostly when the dreaming liked to clean himself. She also seems in Christian as a symbol of the virginity.
  • carnation: Conventional feeling statement.
  • The orchid is associated with physical beauty and prosperity.
  • rose: The rose is called not only the queen of the flowers, she also appears most often from all flowers in the dream. Because of her beauty and her beguiling smell she becomes the symbol of the love and her thorns are not to be overlooked. For the dream symbolism particularly the aspects of the beauty of the rose and on the other side her thorns and her Kurzlebigkeit are important. Thus it is a perfect symbol of the uniqueness of a person.
  • snowy little bell: The snowy little bell fascinates by his white colour which symbolises innocence and cleanness. In the dream the snowy little bell often refers to the fact that one can develop in spite of difficult situations, as well as the snowy little bell blossoms in a flower-hostile time unexpectedly.
  • water lily (Lotusblume): The water lily belongs to one of the most popular symbols of the Far East. Thus the seat of an enlightened is shown as a water lily. The symbolism of the water lily is marked particularly by her quality to close not only many flowers her blossoms in the evening, but to pull back this also under water. With the first light they appear in the morning again and direct her cup eastwards. Over and over again one describes that the wonderful Lotos anchors his roots deeply in the ugly mud of the lake. This is a clear tip to the strength of the transformation. In the dream the water lily refers to rest, internal beauty and often it indicates a positive personality development.
  • tulip: With the tulip in the dream it depends on the fact which colour shows this flower. With her the meaning is completely dependent on the shown colour.
  • violet: Because of his blue colour the violet is looked as a soul flower. It is worth as the messenger of the spring. In the dream this small flower symbolises the longing. She appears with dreaming who should turn more to her feelings or should trust more in her feeling.
  • yellow flowers can symbolise creativity and a change in the life.
  • An orange flower can show vitality and general satisfaction with the life.
  • pink-coloured flowers are interpreted as symbols of future more pleasantly social activities.
  • A white flower symbolises simplicity and cleanness in some aspects of the life.


At the spiritual level flowers symbolise love and sympathy.



  • big, fresh and nice ones see: happy things experience, -
  • plant: good works will mark your activities and activity, - financial blessing stands in the house, -
  • on the field: somebody thinks with great love of you, -
  • only reach in it: one will master a bereavement, -
  • pick: your joy will soon pass, - one should use every chance to one the life offers, - also: a material profit, -
  • break off thoughtlessly: his luck with feet kick, - one will miss a big chance, -
  • in the hand: you will be received with joys, -
  • collect and tie together: if you are not engaged yet or are married, it will soon happen, -
  • a bunch of fresh flowers: happy love, -
  • get as a gift: one deals it with frank people, -
  • dress up with flowers: one can hope for the connection with a beloved person, -
  • in the glass: your luck will not last long, -
  • wilts, see or have: your hopes will not come true.


  • wild-growing flowers point to a thrilling experience, probably of erotic kind.
  • picked flowers urgently advise not to believe own lies independently. In any case, the dreaming should better make a distinction between light and being: Concerning himself and his position in the world he inclines to deceive himself others, above all, however.
  • wilted flowers stand for a missed chance, an awarded opportunity. The sign wants to say the dreaming that he is more and can still be even more than he seems to believe. (Man
+ / woman +)

(European ones).:

  • clarifies blossoming in the garden: if joy and profit, -
  • promise
  • see: you soon become a bride or bridegroom, -
  • refines: Health, -
  • clarifies in general: Success, -
  • well smelling ones: a lot of good, -
  • see and take pleasure in it: a lot of joy and luck in the life get to know, -
  • plant: good works do, - money and honour, -
  • see wilting: Illness, -
  • see wilted: Failures, - forecast failures and sombre times, -
  • wilts water: Grief and sullenness, -
  • pick: Success, good harvest for country people, - profit, - a harmonious feeling experience is by view, -
  • break off: you spoil your luck, -
  • break off and again throw away: his chances luckily intentionally destroy, -
  • receive given: loyal friendship, -
  • bind: you will soon take a big pleasure, -
  • decorate you with it: the connection with a beloved person becomes deeper, -
  • white ones: announce sadness, -
  • a bunch of fresh flowers see: if a lot of luck promises in the love and friendship, -
  • with white flowers decorated graves, urns: are for pleasure and worldly joys of disadvantage, -
  • in dry earth standing blossoming flowers or sheets: announce a painful experience, however, with energy and cheerfulness you will soon reach again to respect and luck, -
  • flowers big expectations and hopes symbolise
  • in women's dreams in the love, -
  • receives a young woman a bunch with different flowers, then she will have many admirers, -
  • picks a dreamer even flowers: she hopes for the fulfilment of her most confidential wishes.


  • you can enter by your determined appearance a good connection,
  • however,
  • must take care that they do not challenge for the neighbours, -
  • you
  • break off: pay attention to your advantage, -
  • receive given: one will show you big obligingness.
  • sow: your bad times make amends, -
  • bind: unexpected surprise comes to your house. You will be able to be glad.
(See also bud and under single flower name, colours)

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