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The dreams in which we appear in public in the nude or half-naked are unusually frequent. They deal with sexuality seldom something, - almost always her real subject is embarrassment, now and then a feeling of the carefreeness. Firstly, there stands the question how it came to the nakedness in the dream. To what extent is one too naive in the awake life, is much too frank or not open enough? If the prevailing feeling was a shame or terror in the dream, one apparently gives to himself the troubles which one is shown up anyhow. Who gives himself in the dream a nakedness, the opposite wants to reach in the reality mostly: something hide, keep secret, own mistakes and weaknesses cover up. This pressure is difficult on a continuing basis to take, so the psyche uses the dream as a valve and presents 'naked facts'. One dreams, e.g., that one is observed in the nude, seams burst, are torn clothes by the body - or similar embarrassing situations. If one enjoyed, however, his appearance without clothes, one maybe has the need for an opener and more unconventional position than awake-I concedes itself, or one longs for freedom of social compulsions. Nakedness can also be a tip to absolute honesty and truthfulness. In the dream one hides nothing, maybe the same openness would be also good awake-I.


(European ones).:

  • a good sign! By another person it is proved to a lot of esteems and respect are given.
(See also nakedness)

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