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Association: - Not sighted, - unconsciously. Question: - What is I to be seen or to understand ready?


At the mind level the dreaming of maybe certain facts is aware, but he still decides not to use this knowledge in the best of all suitable manner. The dream indicates that the dreaming struggles to see the truth. He has lost the reality out of sight, or he 'overlooks' qualities in himself has displeased which him. Also irresponsibility or feelings of guilt and moral conflicts can express themselves in the dream by blindness. As a token it can be also understood for the fact that one goes blind through the life. Therefore, one recognises neither dangers nor chances. Who feels blind in the dream himself, closes in the awake life too much the eyes before upcoming problems which are of above all mental nature. There is not enough farsightedness or the right human knowledge, so that one can be easily pulled a fast one. One needs help to find a usual way from a dilemma. If the dreaming is blinded, this is often for 'blinded be'. If the dreaming can see again, however, during the dream suddenly, a tip is to the fact that he would like to make up for old mistakes and live more responsibly. If one leads a blind person, it can be that one demands too much of himself with a job and will fail. Against it it speaks for the auxiliary readiness of the dreamer itself if he leads a blind person.


At the spiritual level blindness is a kind of the ignorance. She can point to the irrational. Moreover, she stands closely with the initiation in connection.


Be on both eyes blind to prophesies to the children, brothers and sisters and parents of the dreaming the death. To the children for just mentioned reason, the brothers and sisters because also the eyes are together verschwistert, to the parents because the eyes provide the sunlight as well as those originators of the life light are. The loss of the eyes announces the loss of that what corresponds to them. Luck against it brings it to a prisoner or one which is held on from other by force, and a desperately poor if he dreams of going blind. ersteren will not look the misery round himself further to which the latter helpful people find, - then a blind person finds out from all sides assistance and is relieved with it himself of all strains. The dream face thwarts the beginning of a trip, and it says a travelling, he will not return any more in his native country, - then without eyesight one sees neither strangers nor the native country. Misfortune brings it also to a soldier and that which lives at the imperial court. To the competitors who line up in treacly athletic disciplines it prophesies a defeat, to quits runners, however, a victory. I know a quits runner to whom it dreamt when he wanted himself in the commemorative plays organised in Italy to involved ones which the emperor Antoninu had donated to honour of his Adoptivvaters Hadrian, he would have gone blind. The man gained the victory, - then just as a blind person cannot see that who lies in the course of in front his competitors. From bad premeaning the face is for coxswains, astronomers and seers. Who is in search of something lost, the same will not find again after this dream face. However, such dream experience means the highest luck to writers, - then these must be solved internally completely if they want to seal, - they are it, however, soonest when they are deflected as a result of the loss of her eyesight neither by forms nor by colours. Sick person prophesies this dream face, in any case, the death because they are robbed of the light. I know somebody to whom it dreamt, it says him one of the plausible sourses: 'Your father is not dead, he sleeps only.' The father of this man had already gone blind, there the son short time ago received the news from this incident. If somebody dreams, he is blind only on an eye, the intimated applies only partially and, so to speak, only half of it. Further the following is still to be followed: The right eye means the son, the brother and the father, this cons on the daughter, on the sister and the mother. With two sons, two daughters or two brothers the right eye calls the older son or brother or the older daughter, this cons on the younger daughter, on the younger brother or son.



  • in general: You do not believe in your luck, but it stands before you.
  • go blind: great danger be paused, - you are lied, - also: one has secrecy before you,
  • be: in danger get,
  • blind people lead: Travel adventure,
  • blind people see: Obstacles,
  • blind passenger: Hats you before forbidden action manner.


  • Whether one himself suffers or whether another from blindness, always this symbol wants to warn against counting on others against avoiding also, for the pleasure the direct responsibility. Carelessness is is absent on the place. Blindness means many blind spots which could lead the dreaming bit by bit to a dangerous life lie if he is not more careful.

(European ones).:

  • be blind: tells to be cheated, - go blind through the life, - it is blind before love and the love depends to be blind for the mistakes of the lover,
  • see themselves: one will blindly bump into a danger, - are deceived by a being close person,
  • see a blind person: an honourable person will ask you for help,
  • lead a blind person: one takes over a job which will not be practicable,
  • meet a blind beggar: Luck in the lottery play.
(See also eye)

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