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Lead / bleigießen


Traditionally lead is associated in the dream with a load or an incriminating situation. Today lead is used more seldom than in former times, but it is still an important metal. In dreams it can point out to the fact that the time is ripe for change and transformation. The dreaming does not master his life in such a way as he it would like to and should take care of changes to improve his quality of life. Such knowledge must look depressing. Lead stands also for the material, worldly things of the life which load and restrain the mental-spiritual development. This symbol often wants to register that one should not give himself so many troubles about everyday things or may postgo hunting not only to the material success. On the other hand, a connection is produced between lead and the vitality or masculinity. Who pours lead, tries to accomplish something useful, but at the end muddled comes out maybe only weirdly.


At the spiritual level lead stands for body consciousness.



  • see or have: wrong people will suspect you,
  • pour: happy family background, - marriage.

(European ones).:

  • see: points to obstacles, Li> warns about bad friends, distant defamation and accusation, - domestic quarrel,
  • pour: Luck in love or marriage,
  • carry a heavy amount on the back: Win in the lottery and good shops,
  • a mine of lead: Friends will look with suspicion at your monetary acquisition, - you will be outraged about the deception and the bad character of your lover.
  • lead ore promises grief and accidents, - shops are overshadowed,
  • hunt for lead: if discontent and a constant job change announces,
  • melt: by impatience for himself and other failure bring,
  • Bleigießen: The luck symbol which promises above all material presents and profits.


  • if you believes to be clever enough, so most crazily you you immensely, other are even cleverer than you, - pour: pleasing connections and a separation to your advantage.

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