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Metal can point out to the fact that one deals with worthless, insignificant or hopeless things, an order from metal warns maybe also about an honour which will turn out disadvantage. Moreover, metal can admonish in particular cases to deliver no empty promises to which one cannot keep, nevertheless. Who works on metal in the dream, possibly wastes his precious time in the wrong object, translates also: One talks of a lot of unbenefit - just 'metal'.



  • work on: you deal too much with worthless things,
  • hear hitting: one tells you lies, if it does not believe,
  • cut: you win over your enemies.

(European ones).:

  • see or with it work: at restless, noisy work wealth by view,
  • process: one deals with worthless things.


  • do not promise too much if you cannot hold it, otherwise, one will turn away from you and let down you.

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