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Blue Camassie

medicine wheel:

Key words: Main food, - sweetly, - balance, - danger. Description: The blue wild-growing Camassie, the totem plant in the moon of the returning frogs (from the 20th of April to the 20th of May) to Born, belongs to the family of the lilies and resembles wild hyacinths. In the west of the United States was the blue Camassie a main food of the Indians living there. It is important to make a distinction between blue and yellow Camassie which has yellow or greenish-white blossoms and is toxic. The blue Camassie was often used to sweeten other food or to spice in taste a little distinctive nutrients. The nodule of the blue Camassie looks starchy, although it is not it. She contains rather insulin, a complicated sugar which serves to compensate the blood sugar level. Too much blue Camassie can work as a leading away or emetic. It is important to stamp itself the colour of the blossoms in dreams about the Camassie. To dream of the yellow, fatal Camassie can mean that something dangerous has crept into your surroundings or your life. General meaning: Your ability discover to receive yourself and others, - create the arrangement or setting sweetening, - a balance in you. Association: - Transcendent meaning: The gift of the balance.

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