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In general:

After the legend knight gave Bluebeard to his wife all keys of his castle. He warned them, nevertheless, expressly against entering a certain room, otherwise it would badly go out to her. Of course could not restand you and, nevertheless, opened the door to this space. There she finds the bodies of the murdered former women of the knight. The history strongly reminds in from the paradise and the apple. In both cases a fatherly, male imperious shape of a woman leaves freedoms, however, puts up also the orders which will pass. The vision treats the imbalance in the respect of the genders, that is it makes, the men supposedly from God about the women have received. The way, as this motive is processed in the dream, registers as the dreaming handles with these problems. In dreams of women it can indicate the freeing from the superior strength, because in the legend the woman survives the entrance of the room and restrains the male monster.

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