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A dream about an absent person or about the absence of an object points to the fact that possibly something unexpected happens. Maybe the dreaming searches something lost, or, however, his feelings concerning the absence (i.e. fear or rage) are important. A child experiences, for example, the absence of his mother as a loss, - this can be a traumatising experience. The dreaming is in a situation in which he possibly suffers from a loss or rejects something what he needs, however, in truth. A dream, e.g., in which one is in close surroundings in which, nevertheless, a beloved object or person is absent points to a feeling of unstableness. If one because of the absence of a person feel pain, this remorse means because of a hasty action what, however, lifelong friendship can arise from. If one is glad about the absence of friends, one will have possibly soon an enemy less.


The experience of absence or a feeling Nothing can be a tip to desolation.


(European ones).:

  • death of an absent friend: a marriage,
  • of a geleibten person: if means the opposite, - he is nearby,
  • of a person whom one does not like: a person whom one finds disagreeable will disappear from the vicinity.
(See also foreign countries)

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