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A symbol for 'animal' fury and aggression - if was bitten in a negative dream. If the dreaming bites another person or a fruit in his dream, there is for him an idea or an image of whose conversion he should take care with all power. Bites in an erotic dream symbolise excessive sexuality: A partner wants to 'consume' the other or can be eaten up ''. A frequent dream with inclination to sadomasochistic wishes. To be bitten in the dream, shows that the dreaming must suffer from the aggressive treatment of another person or reverse that he himself does not have his aggressive impulses under control. Bite of an animal stands for tantalising jealousy, - it can be that one feels them themselves, but also that one gives other occasion for it. Partly also helps in the interpretation if one analyses the symbolic salary of the biting animal, in addition.


The dreaming must be aware not only his own ability in the malice, but also consider the possibility to become even a victim of a spiteful attack.



  • of a queue or another big and toxic animal: Jealousy will pursue you, - also: Give eight on your so-called friends. One is wrong of it and wants to you damage.
  • of an innocuous queue: Envious person and open enemies,
  • of a dog: you are disadvantaged, - also: Misfortune on the street,
  • are bitten in the leg or the arm: Illness of members of the family,
  • of a person: you bites, will hurt you without wanting it.

(European ones).:

  • in general: possibly you suffer bad omen, - one would like to undo something what has proceeded long ago - also from an enemy,
  • are bitten by an animal: Obstacles and frustration in dear problems, you take before quarrel in eight,
  • bite of an animal: Jealousy.

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