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medicine wheel:

Key words: Nearly extinct, - tamed, - bulky, - powerfully, - inspiring, - recollection of the immoderation of the person, - long life, - power, - exuberance, - medicine. Description: The bison from whom there were once about 60 millions was hunted by the Europeans up to the border of his eradication. The Indians used the buffalo who supplied them with meat, material for clothes, Wigwams and tools, in a very sparing and deferential manner. For many Europeans, however, the slaughter of the bisons was only one sport, and they left the bodies of the animals of the decay. Today thanks to intensive preventive measures her supplies have recovered in the USA and Canada again on about 30,000 copies. General meaning: Powerful, primary-wild aspect of the being, - free wandering around, - connection with the earth. Association: - Transcendent meaning: Understanding of the gifts and the ways on which one can serve the earth. Wolf clan apprenticeship: The north or the wisdom. Medicine Eagles apprenticeship: Gift, - nourishing (physically and spiritually). (See also 'white buffalo', 'direction - the north', 'Waboose', northern guardian of the mind)

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