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Symbol for traditional male claim to power and his abuse under the cloak of an 'untouchable high personality'. It is an ambivalent symbol, because though one may hope that one finishes difficulties, however, must submit for it. Moreover, quarrel and hostility can be also announced with it.



  • see: Meeting with high personalities, - high, honourable visit, - also: You have committed mistake and now must pay for it.

(European ones).:

  • see general: hard work, cold and loneliness will be your companion,
  • see in the vestments: Quarrel and quarrel, - also a burial in the next time,
  • with a priest: Subordination and reprimand,
  • with one argue: if a violent hostility tells in,
  • receive from him the blessing: in love and occupation success has,
  • for teachers and authors: big mental suffering originates from her deepening in complicated processes,
  • for a businessman: prophesies an imprudent purchase and he will lose good money.


  • you is relieved of your worries, but you must go a way disagreeable for you.

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