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Billiards symbolise constant On and From in the life, the change of luck and grief, success and bad luck. One may see in it a warning to count not too much on the luck, but to exert more himself to master the life independently and well. Billiards are a play which requires a lot of skill of the players. In the dream it means the concentration on a difficult problem or a whole series of problems. Should one approach these problems in quite a certain manner? Does somebody maybe try to prevent the problem solution or to prevent? The dream interpretation strongly depends on how successful one was in the dream. Did one put in clink the balls successfully?



  • see: do not act hasty, - you venture on things with dubious success, - also: one should watch out for empty promises,
  • play: do not push open your work, - you neglect your duty.

(European ones).:

  • play: if is a bad sign. You will come to a doubtful situation, - disputes about property, - defamation to your damage will creep in the work,
  • see: variable luck,
  • for young people means this: big obstacles in the dear advertisement (by the family of the partner),
  • see a billiard table and being closed down balls: you will deceive deceitful friends.

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