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Photo / photograph

Association: - Picture, - vision, - recollection. Question: - What do I remember? How do I see the world?


If one had a look at a photo, the dream maybe wanted to point to the orientation sense in the awake life. Was the picture clear or had become blurred? It states something about whether one is sure in his actions or settings or unsafe. Maybe one took photos in the dream: A symbol for the fact that one has the controls in the hand. How did one manage with the perspective? The answer could provide about that information whether one sees the things in the life under the right point of view. What was to be seen on it? Presumably pictures from own past and recollections of the experiences which one would like to hold on 'and keep' - best for good. A blue tinted Traumfotographie indicates that something is hidden in the life to the look. Photos in the dream are symbols for idealised recollections, but also for the wish to come along from experienced situations 'his own picture' and to look only at the nicest one of it in future. A tip dream that one would like to not so see something, as it is real. More sharply look would be asked!


(European ones).:

  • see his own: To recognise reminder, itself and to file his mistakes,
  • they of a friend see: meant a lasting and happy connection with him,
  • receive a photo of the lover: are warned about loyalty, even if he tries to impress with it,
  • married believe
  • to own photos of others: points to unwelcome exposures about the behaviour,
  • they of a stranger see: if an important new acquaintance tells in,
  • of somebody make: Danger of the separation of the photographed person, - one does not know this, it concerns a new acquaintance of short duration,
  • allow to make one of itself: if a long life, - also promises: by inattentiveness prepare himself and other difficulties,
  • generally foreign ones see: if a portent is for deception,
  • see an album: Success and true friends have,
  • looks a young woman photographs in an album, she will soon find a likeable lover.
(See also picture, photographs)

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