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Association: - The part which is tormented by the rest. Question: - To what extent am I hard to myself?


The dreaming with her help big pain tries to process appearance in the dream of pictures of torture. Besides, it must concern by no means only physical pains. As a rule injured or painful feelings play a crucial role. Torture is often interpreted as a symbol for feelings of guilt which are founded or are groundless, - they can consciously exist, however, often they were edged out because one can live with it not permanently. One must try to recognise the backgrounds and to process consciously. Pictures of the torture in the dream often appear also if the dreaming longs unconsciously for devotion, does not want to dedicate himself consciously, nevertheless, or is able. If this is dream-I that which torments, then points to deeply edged out aggressions. To the more exact interpretation is to be looked which kind of the torture is chosen. Nevertheless, a dream in which of the dreaming torture must resign itself can also mean that he is content in the everyday life mostly with the sacrificial role. An indication that you torment yourselves. A warning dream! If one sees an another, is tormented helplessness is often expressed in it because one cannot help a being close person in a predicament.


At the spiritual level the torture in the dream can show the conflict between property and Nastily. Also it can concern an upcoming decision for one or others.



  • suffer: Concern and distress will not torment themselves you from one without foreign help can release, - also: with tension expect news, - heavy mental suffering mostly from unhappy love,
  • see (a person): you will torment your next surroundings with your views,
  • torment: is also unyielding fair compared with the environment, however, - also: you have no luck in dear things.

(European ones).:

  • the symbol stands for the conscience which does one to take stand on the events,
  • are present at one: one has pity on friends who are in a mi▀lichen situation, however, can not help,
  • suffer one: if brings big distress, - by the bad machinations of wrong friends disappointments and grief experience, - also: suffer from unhappy love,
  • carry out one to somebody: one will do somebody wrong, - also: in the realisation of well thought-out plans fail,
  • try to relieve the torture more different: be successful in business and love.
(See also torture chamber)

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