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A reason for the joy if the hall was bright friendly and clear - you have started to solve an upcoming problem positively, a way out found and now are 'on the right way'. Unfortunately, the opposite is the case if it was rather a nightmare: They deliver by a dark, dirty hall and have despaired and looked in vain for an exit? Then it becomes narrow! Now they need a quick problem solution in which every other step wants to be considered - even if it concerns 'uncomfortable steps' and quite a lot of laborious way back must be accepted. A warning dream which sends a reminder to a logical correction of the up to now smashed road direction - in which matter also always. The long hall circumscribes the way from a narrowness (see there) to a still unknown aim, - translates: The dreamer should try to get away from a much too narrow approach, to overcome psychic need, even if he does not know yet where his life ship floats. If we go by a dark hall, we want to remove the small shades on our soul, or we have fear that to us somebody could attack with the intention to make us his follower.


(European ones).:

  • house hall or floorboard: if big joy and pleasant changes announces.
(See also darkness, narrowness)

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