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Association: - quick overcoming of big distances. Question: - Do I have it with the realisation of changes in a great hurry?


Airplane also symbolises the wish to rise about the everyday life, to realise high ideals and aims. The dreams in which airplanes play a role can represent sudden or dramatic changes in the life. It stands in the dream as a symbol for far-reaching thoughts or also for the urge for freedom. It symbolises the search for the independent being.
  • an airplane on the start road is connected with escape and freedom.
  • a starting airplane stands for a jump in the uncertain and entering of risks.
  • removing the airplane can anticipate the beginning of a new job.
  • If airplanes by our head go hunting, about us away shoot, they stand for bewildering aspects.
  • this can mean
  • Flying the dreaming without foreign help an airplane, that he takes off with his thoughts what can lead to too much creative ideas and is to be interpreted therefore positively if, besides, he does not lose the contact with the reality.
  • in a dream an airplane to fly, can announce unexpected or unusual success in the life, maybe in connection with the work.
  • The circles in the air can show the feeling to step right away. If one is in a negative situation, one considers how one could break out.
  • red flight apparatuses often deal with sexual-impulsive which shows morbid trains.
  • generally are airplanes of every colour a danger signal of the soul, the dreamer should lower his much too happy conduct on the moderate.
  • Who travels in an airplane, wants to leave behind incriminating. The flight can also show accepting a new proposal or the beginning of a new job. The flight altitude can be important. If it high flew over the clouds or it glided close about the ground
  • , However, although the airplane after the spacecraft the quickest means of transportation of the world is, the dreamer who travels in him can hardly hope that his worries or difficulties can be also overcome quick as a flash, - then the soul holds the trip by the airplane for dangerous when she is actual.
  • in the dream in an airplane to fly which rises above a wide water surface on big high, can show that one has overdone it. Maybe one has overestimated his abilities to bring a certain plan to an end.
  • an airplane that flies by low height and tries to climb up again is often connected with setbacks or difficulties in the dear life of the dreaming.
  • bad news can announce
  • bombs throwing airplanes. A fleet of bombers means that an annoyance can approach.
  • Finding itself the airplane in difficulties or turbulence or has to the dreaming fear of flying, he should not overestimate his own abilities.
  • a landing airplane points to the success and ending of an enterprise or the yield of a calculated risk.
  • the airplane crashes or burns it with dark smoke, besides, one will fail, while bright flames mostly promise a great success.


As well as the winged carriage the airplane also represents a spiritual trip.



  • see: you have proud plans,
  • in the air: your big plans come true,
  • fly in him: you will attain power,
  • on the ground: you still have to overcome difficulties.

(European ones).:

  • loose solution of annoying charges, - every now and then Entspannungen in the organism, - also: a being close person will go away in the next time,
  • see flying: soon undertake a trip,
  • with him fly: a starting plan will not succeed and bring in addition damage, - also: good results with future enterprises achieve, - the methods could not be quite safe, - one should check his plans thoroughly,
  • see disappearing in the clouds: from an unhappy or restricting situation escape,
  • plane crash: difficult and complicated plans will not pay off,
  • see falling burning with black cloud of smoke: if means evil,
  • see falling only in flames: a good sign.
(See also 'falls', 'traps', 'flies', 'plane crash', 'trip', 'birds')

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