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Curse / curse


Curse often expresses the influence which preceding actions have on the present and future, - feelings of guilt and sense of shame can be connected with it. However, in addition, a curse also warns about a one-sided materialist life reason setting with which one can be realised not comprehensively. Who himself curses somebody in the dream, suppresses aggressions against this person and leaves them on this way free run. The dream trip: A debate, a purification of the tense situation would be due.



  • even: Misfortune cause, - with coarse words nothing is done. Rest preserve brings success.
  • hear: a coarse person will annoy you.


  • escape the dreaming, so he runs the risk to lose a close and important friend. If he is cursed, however, he can count on the unexpected help of a mighty person. In any case, he should be more careful in the choice of his words and in his actions.

(European ones).:

  • even: disagreeable professional obstacles, - an engaged man will have reasons to doubt the loyalty of his fiancées,
  • hear: forecasts the visit of a ceremony or solemnity,
  • curse in presence of members of the family: there threatens the serious quarrel which is caused by disloyal behaviour.

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