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Would flee

Association: - unavoidable, smaller incommodities. Question: - With which old problems am I ready to take up it?


Would flee are a nuisance, and exactly this role they also take over in the dream. The dreaming is apparently in a discussion with people who want to use him or display parasitäres behaviour. It is for the dreaming in the time to recognise this and to escape from such bloodsuckers. Fled can point as a body-conditioned dream symbol to a Überreizung and impairment of the nervous system. In general he stands for annoyance, frustration, quarrel and other incommodities which one feels as tiresome. A hopping fleeing should point out after old dream interpretation to the fact that, nevertheless, one can still save a hopeless situation by well-considered action.


At the spiritual level Fleeing symbolise in the dream will to survive, adaptability and mobility.



  • see: if unexpected luck and money bring in the house,
  • catch: you increase your property and have luck in the love,
  • cannot catch: Plagues will meet you,
  • which see catching themselves: one tries to fix his worldly matters,
  • are stung by them: malicious suspicions and nuisances by an ill-disposed environment will excite you.

(European ones).:

  • indicate grief by wrong friends, warn about usury and deception, - also: one is slightly provokeable,
  • catch: if freeing from bad enemies announces,
  • biting
  • Becoming a woman in the dream of fleeing, wrong friends them will slander. Would flee on your darling to discover is valid as a token from inconstancy.


  • are often rejected in terms of the disagreeable thoughts which irritate, but still, - often direct nervous irritations,
  • see one: one would best like to take revenge for a certain person,
  • many see: you must remove disagreeable, - Li> brings big annoyance,
  • see hopping: by cleverness you can still save a lot,
  • have: you will hear disagreeable things, - means quarrel,
  • catch or kill: you will bring order in your matters, - one will unexpectedly come into money,
  • are bitten by them: quick monetary profit, - also: an evil person gives a hard time.
(See also parasites, vermin)

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