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Association: - nocturnal, - eerily, - highly sensitively. Question: - Which darkness is I to be penetrated or to investigate ready?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Pliable, - polyphagous, - fast, - shade, - night. Description: The bat, a warm-flower mammal, resembles a mouse with wings. She hangs herself on her long, narrow tail for sleeping and only at night flies generally. After the rodents bats reach the biggest number among the mammals and are also the only mammals who can really fly. They play an important role in the imagination of the person, and release with one fear and with the other amazement. General meaning: Messenger, leader, - shadow side, - fear, - amazement. Association: Vampire, bloodsucker. Transcendent meaning: A messenger either from black or white magic, - quickchange artist, - gift of the amazement, the understanding for the fear.


Because bats are valid in the national faith as fear-exciting animals, a bat in the dream points to the fact that the dreaming is tormented by unaware fears. Bat stands for all physical and mental-spiritual processes which run off without control of the consciousness, - with it the fear of the unaware contents can be meant. She unexpectedly rushes from the night to us and brings restlessness and horror with herself, - translates: Our mental balance is disturbed, we feel presecuted and, therefore, should follow the states of anxiety seriously. Bats are night animals, - hence, the aspect of the darkness or darkness can matter to such a dream. The bat has a similar meaning like the owl in the dream. However, she lacks the spiritual, wise and farsighted aspect. As a vision she embodies rather the impulsive emotions of the dreaming. One should strive for more self-knowledge and harmony. However, she would also be able for blindness before what?) or instinctive orientation sense stand.


At the spiritual level a bat can express uncertainty as well as spiritual lack of clarity in the dream.


The bat brings luck to pregnant women, - then she lays not like the other birds eggs, but gives birth to living boy, has milk in the breasts and brings up her boys. If looks somebody who travels to water or to country, one of these birds, he will get in a violent storm or fall among the robbers. If these birds nest in the house, this will become completely deserted.



  • see: if misfortune and grief brings in the house, - also: Fear of Schuldenmachen, - also: if a warning contains, one should be less unstable and not use other people,
  • see flying: your enterprises have no happy exit,
  • catch: complicated business transaction.


  • with this symbol comes it on how one feels with his view in the dream. If the sight of a bat frightens the dreaming, he should use his matters with bigger discretion. If the bat gives him no fear, he receives in close future a profit-laden proposal. Quite in general the symbol wants to say the dreaming that he should hear in himself hineinlauschen and more on the voice of his inside.

(European ones).:

    worries and privations announce
  • , - forecast a bad lot, grief and disasters approach, - as a result the death of the parents or good friends can follow also, like the loss of the eyesight or from limbs,
  • see: flighty sense, - unsafe enterprise, - Wankelmütigkeit, - one should not use other people,
  • many see: good trend of affairs in spite of fear of debts,
  • see a white one: is valid as a sure death symbol, - often a child,
  • dies soon afterwards
  • are attacked by them: bad thoughts by defamation of character of others,
  • catch: quick improvement of the situation, - for sick people quick recovery,
(See also darkness, darkness, night, vampire)

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