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Wickerwork / twist


All twisted, not only ropes, fishing nets and cloud nets, but also sacrificial baskets, eating baskets, stack baskets in the saddle hemline, woollen baskets and working baskets, head nets, golden necklaces, all kinds of jewellery chains, wreaths and similar things are obstructive because of the interweaving in view of marriage ceremonies, friendship and communities of good premeaning, against it concerning a trip, a run away and an escape because of the tangles, - further they are unsuitable for enterprises, excluded for the people who explain something with guile and to stick because of her quality they give people, in fear live, fright.



  • hair: Infidelity,
  • a plait: you make a very dear acquaintance.
  • basket: you are careful and far think ahead.

(European ones).:

  • (hair): Vanity, also lover.
(See also plait)

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