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Bald head / bald-headed


If one dreams that to one the whole part is bald round the forehead, it forecasts for the present derision and at the same time shutdown of the shops, - one dreams, his back of the head is bald, he will suffer in the old poverty and the most bitter need. Since the whole back of the head is the symbol of the future, however, baldness differs in nothing from lack, either because she originates as a result of a loss of warmth, or because she offers no possibility to get something in the hand. If the right head side is bald, the person concerned will lose all male blood relations, - he has none, damage becomes adult to himself. If it is the left side, he will lose the female blood relations, - he has none, he will also come even to damage. The head is because the symbol of the next relatives, namely the right side of the male ones, the left of the female ones. If looks somebody who has no pure conscience that half of his head is bald, he will be condemned to hard labour, - then these are there registration numbers of the convicted. To be bald in the whole head, is for a defendant and a person who fears to be held on by force by others, from good premeaning, - it will be very easy for him to escape, because one cannot pack him. It means the remaining person the loss all his what improves the life. To care the head quite bald, brings to priests of Egyptian divinities (the Egyptian priests shaved for reasons of the ritual cleanness the head), clown and people who do it as usual, luck, to all others, however, to misfortune. Since it means the same like baldness, only is the evil which leads up the dream face, more by force and suddenly breaks. To seafarers it prophesies certainly a wreck and ill mortal danger, however, not the death. Since castaways and people who have recovered from heavy illness are in habit to let care the head, a custom which is not practiced with deads.



  • be: an old age reach,
  • see themselves: one has used you, - also: one envies other something what one lacks.

(European ones).:

  • one fears the exposure of own inside,
  • have: registers that one will reach very much an old age,
  • see themselves as a bald head: it is absent something what one envies other people,
  • see a man with bald head: you will be made ridiculous, - one mocks you, - also: Crooks are to be damaged at work around the interests, - hence, one should remain on the care,
  • a woman with a bald head appears to a man: he can count on a nagging wife,
  • Dreaming a young woman of a glatzk÷pfigen man, she should be intelligent enough not to believe in the next marriage promise.
  • babies without hair promise a happy family, a loving partner and well-behaved children.


  • see: everything has an end, also your worries, - also: Fear of an exposure,
  • be: means that one will lose a dear friend or relative.
(See also scissors)

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