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medicine wheel:

Key words: Hard bowl, - normally, - hungry. Description: Beetles belong biologically seen to the order Coleoptera which exists of more than 3000 kinds. They have in common a scissors-like Fre▀apparat and from chitin existing wing covers which cover the real wings in the rest state protecting. Many beetles live on the field products on which also people live and value them, therefore, as pests and plague. General meaning: A hard-skin or tough part of you which you yourself hold for usual and tiresome, - perseverance, - need. Association: Pet name for till the beginning of the eighties built car. Transcendent meaning: The knowledge about your defences and about your protection.


For most people beetles are no pleasant, sonder dirty animals. Hence, in the dream they have a symbolic power which resembles that of all insects: They stand for something what is squalid and can be easily overlooked. Where they prickle and creep, doubts gnaw at our soul, the nerves are often curious up to tearing, - this can be due to a love relationship which one does not finish so properly, but also from everyday stress. Here and there small animals point to the friends who annoy bit by bit with her obtrusiveness. Beetle can symbolise everlasting On and From in the life, - in a mi▀lichen situation he comforts because it is getting better sometime again, with favorable living conditions he warns against it about complacency. According to him like the person concerned in the dream it experienced the beetle or, he can stand at the moment - positively or negatively - also to a personal respect. The diligence of the beetle in the dream stands for hard work which must be done. Partly old dream books interpret him also as a token for a modest being with which one makes himself popular with others.


At the spiritual level the beetle serves in the dream like the scarab the protection before the bad person and is a symbol for the resurrection. The dreaming should pay attention to what or whom he believes to have to protect.



  • see in the nature: if announces an experience which will be connected with a lot of joy
  • see general: Contact with harmless people have, - also: advises the restraint if one thinks highly to be liked with the people,
  • see running: you must hurry up,
  • see flying: your luck leaves you,
  • catch: one should raise his claims not to and show a weinig modesty,
  • kill: it is to be calculated on a death.


  • a beetle points out to the fact that rule in the personal surroundings of the dreaming envy and hostility. He should take his social vicinity in inspection and protect himself from disingenuous friends. To kill a beetle in the dream, is called that present problems with ease shall be solved.

(European ones).:

    the friends who become soon tiresome - quarrel with friends or occupational colleagues or difficulties with the matters bring
  • on the basis of malice,
  • see one: one should give more be if one liked to be liked with his people,
  • on himself see crawling about: poverty and indispositions are indicated,
  • find one: good omen, one will fast rectify a matter, - profit and success,
  • kill: a failure must be taken.


  • see: you make yourself popular by your modesty with your people.
(See also insects)

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