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Abscess is a warning sign for negative thoughts and feelings with which one damages himself mostly because they 'decompose' success and joy of life, - of it one should soon escape. In emotional crises he stands for the fear that inarticulate soul pain leads to the psychosomatic illness, so that one it 'on own skin deliver' has to go what was done to one. In general he symbolises excessive fear of (contagious) illness, but sometimes also unadmitted disgust at own body and compulsive cleansing need.



  • He stands for worries and with substantial problems to linked situations.
  • have: bad forces stand against you, - you have enemies,
  • open: now, finally, the bad time is over, - you will soon be again on top.

(European ones).:

  • one have in the chronic state: Misfortune with concurrent sympathy for the worries more different,
  • for sick people: it will stamp very fast in an improvement.


  • Seeming it one, he is of full ulcers and many abscesses, he will become very rich, but be worried before the authority.
  • Being somebody of the plague been struck, his wealth which he hid will come to light.
  • covering
  • Having to himself his body with bright rash, he will get after his magnitude gold from the coin if with dark, accordingly many golden pieces lose and get in bad difficulties.
  • swelling
  • Being like a tube of evil growths, he will acquire a big clod of money, - the wind has inflated him, he will be valid in the eyes of the people as rich, suffer bitter need at home, however.
(See also 'ulcer', 'illness', 'plague')

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