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Cable can sometimes announce unexpectedly favorable news. However, mostly it symbolises the attachment with others for which one longs or should maintain more. Who deals in the dream with the cable of an electric management, looks or finds in the awake life connection. If it is rolled up flatly, it symbolises a 'regular respect', and one has closed a 'good wire' (being close) people. Accordingly a cut-off cable is also valid as a separation symbol - 'the management became splits'. If the cable is destroyed, concludes by a dreamer who gets no right contact in the alert state. A weird mess of cables describes undecided-muddled feelings (to a partner) or also that a feeling chaos has originated because there are even other relations to / with other people: One has to disentangle an emotional 'cable salad'.



  • see: you will receive good news from wide distance,
  • see an endless one: one will never achieve his aims,
  • lay: you establish an important communication.

(European ones).:

  • promises a wide sea voyage, sometimes also happy events and good news, - also: an extremely dangerous employment take up, - by successful realisation one will be recompensed richly and be honoured,
  • receive news by cable: soon important news gets to know on which one will comment, however, negatively.


  • see: good news.
(See also 'power station')

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