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Association: - Knowledge, - inspiration, - obsession, - devotion. Question: - To what extent do I wish or am I afraid to face the world with more strength?

In general:

A guru in the dream shows the wisdom of the unconscious. If this wisdom becomes accessible to the dreaming, he brings them often by the figure of the old manners on the level of deliberate knowledge. Guru symbolises the guidance of the unconscious, requests to detailed self-knowledge and use of experiences and intuitions, so that one reaches to internal harmony and enlargement of the consciousness.


The dreaming longs for a father-figure or an authority's person whom he shows in the dream as a guru. If he looks for a certain kind of knowledge, the person needs a projection screen which can embody this knowledge. In eastern religions this is the guru who has a similar function like the priest in western religions.


For many people God is too far away, as that they could have a personal respect with him. Hence, a guru is used for the embodiment of the wisdom which is accessible to the person by his high level of development. The guru in the dream helps the dreaming to conquer his wisdom innate to him for himself.

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