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In the dream like in the real life: Symbol for litheness and adaptability. The law formulation which can be interpreted in the most different kind and is right then 'still anyhow' is valid as 'elastic sections'.


(European ones).:

  • see, in general: one does not become unstable in his decision, because a decision which is based on reason is the right one.
  • in elastic clothes be wrapped: it is proved to one for cleanness and morality honour,
  • worn or torn elastic clothes: one should practice himself in restraint, - scandals could damage the good call,
  • use as a colloquial expression: one is easy in the choice of the friends to satisfy,
  • the limbs elastic-like stretch: one is threatened by illnesses, - also: others will cheat one,
  • elastic articles see: one becomes his shops in the confidential active, - therefore, the friends will not often understand it.

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