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Teetotalers stand negatively in the dream often for a very strict morality and stiff observance of norms and rules which restrict the life too strongly, spontaneity and suggestions hinder or prevent, - of it one should escape. The symbol indicates here the unaware fear to let go once and to kick over the traces because one is afraid of him what could step, besides and one would not be accepted by others and the society any more. Abstinence in the form of self-control, suppression of needs and renunciation of inclinations and wishes, particularly from physical desires, means in the positive one that the dreaming takes care of a higher measure in spiritually mental self-realisation and would like to remain loyal his principles. The teetotaler points out maybe also specifically to the fact that one should not use luxury so richly. If one rejects in the dream a drink, is this luck coming a sign which will not be lasting, however, in his effects.

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