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In general:

Crypt can be interpreted as grave, - often it symbolises edged out experiences, fears and conflicts which disturb and unnerve. Then one must try to make them again deliberate and to process. If one rises in a crypt, should warn after old dream books about defamation which one has to ascribe to himself.


  • The entrance of a crypt says the dreaming that he descends in the darker depths of his personality. Initial timidity gives way to gradual confidence.
  • into a family crypt hineinsteigen and the coffins in it could see disintegrating mean that one sees though the need of changes, however, is content with this 'examination' instead of putting a final line under the past.
  • this is called
  • Seeing to itself the dreaming in a crypt, that he is ready to face up his fears of the death and the death.
  • If the dreaming in a crypt caught feels, then he is maybe tyrannised by fears of death, pain or before old, outdated life settings.
  • corpses in a crypt symbolise personality shares which have not matured yet or were already eradicated. If one of these corpses awakes to the life, the dreaming draws his attention to a personality aspect which he would like to animate.


At the spiritual level the dreaming possibly feels in a world imagined which is originally dark and uncanny. Their darkness stands for the longing of the dreaming for light. Although he is afraid, nevertheless, this world draws him clearly.



  • bereavement in the family, bad news.


  • captivity in a crypt points to a long time of the privation and the misfortune. To escape from a crypt, is called, a way out from problems is given if one works hard on himself. In general the sign wants to draw the attention of the dreaming to his anxieties about the future and worries.

(European ones).:

  • symbol for the life conflicts which are not solved yet, - keys after ways out, - insecurity, desperation, - also: if means sadness and business disappointments,
  • see: meant discretion,
  • see shovelling: if tells death news from a being close person,
  • see the own: Illness or disappointment are forecast to one,
  • rise even in one: one will be slandered,
  • read the inscription: points to disagreeable obligations,
  • one see collapsing: Bad luck and illness in the family,
  • destroyed see: Signs for death or heavy illness.


  • bad news will come to your house.
(See also grave)

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