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Descent / descend


The dream of a descent, for example, from a mountain, a stair or a ladder down, is a tip for the dreaming that the solution of a certain problem is to be found in the unconscious, in the past or by the coping of certain traumas. How has one descended? Rushed, in a great hurry, eases? With this dream symbol the sensation is mostly important as the place. Who hurries like hunted a high stair down, was possibly indiscreet and has ventured in an area which was not determined for him. Now the fear of negative consequences advises the as quick as possible retreat. Quite differently the warily descent sedate step by step would be to be understood in a cliff face: A special achievement has brought to one to the summit of the success. The exhaustion follows the joy now - one enjoys made easier the end of the strain. About a dirty or wet stair (= danger, slip) in a dark space (cellar) to descend, means the loss of advantages, social or social descent - or the fear of it. The dreaming, nevertheless, of the positive aspects of this loss is possibly aware.


At the spiritual level this dream symbol stands for descending in the underworld, for the striving for mystic wisdom, rebirth and immortality.



  • climb down from the mountain: you have collected new forces and the days will yield to you profit,
  • of the tree: you have escaped from a danger.

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