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Association: - from above-average dimensions, - conceited, - generously. Question: - Where in my life I am ready for the expansion? At which places am I afraid of excessive expansion?

In general:

If the dreaming is aware in his dream that a little bit or somebody is big, this throws a light on the feelings of the dreaming with regard to a person, of a plan or an object. Size means importance, maybe, however, also Bedrohlichkeit. Size (for example, an object) always points to the fact that one was impressed from a little bit strongly. What it concerns, besides, must be derived from the suitable objects and personal living conditions. For example, a big house could indicate the knowledge of the dreaming about the enlargement of itself.


A child learns very early to draw comparisons, and this belongs to the things which the person never forgets. Something is bigger than or smaller than, instead of just young and old. The size of a thing in the dream often deals nothing by his real size. Hence, such 'reality movements' can be important tips for the dreaming.


From spiritual view size plays no role. It is more the perception of the accompanying feeling which counts. (See also giant, giant)

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